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Review Tour: Safe Place by Jay Northcote

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Cover Design: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design
Length: 48,000 words approx.
Rainbow Place Series
Book #1 - Rainbow Place - Amazon US | Amazon UK


Where do you go when your home is no longer a safe place?

Alex is about to turn eighteen and is firmly in the closet. He’s been biding his time, waiting to escape to uni, and finally come out away from the oppressive influence of his homophobic father. When he flunks his exams, he’s stuck in the small town of Porthladock—and what’s worse is that he’s working for his dad. The only thing that makes it bearable is Cam.

Cam’s comfortable with his bisexuality, but he doesn’t broadcast it. Young, free, and single, his social life revolves around playing rugby and hanging out with his mates. He’s attracted to Alex, but with the six-year age gap, Cam’s wary of getting involved. Plus, he thinks Alex needs a friend more than he needs a lover, and as their friendship grows, Cam decides he’s not willing to risk ruining it for casual sex.

When Alex’s dad finds out about his sexuality, Alex is suddenly both jobless and homeless. He finds work at Rainbow Place, the local LGBT-friendly café and Cam lets Alex stay in his flat for a while. But Alex would rather be sleeping in Cam’s bed than on his sofa. With them both living under one roof, their feelings for each other grow stronger, and the sexual tension is hard to ignore. Will giving in to it ruin their friendship and complicate things for Alex even more?

Although this book is part of a linked series, it has a satisfying happy ending, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Dani's review:

The second book in the Rainbow Place series explores the relationship between Alex, who’s nearly 18 and living in the closet due to his bigoted parents, and Cam, who’s 23 and works in landscaping.

Unlike the first book in the series, this one is a YA/NA romance. The first couple chapters of Safe Space overlap with Rainbow Place, but I think this story would work fine as a standalone.

Cam is bi and attracted to Alex, but he worries that Alex doesn’t the need the complication of a relationship. He also doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. And that, right there, is the main conflict in the story.

Alex values Cam’s supportive presence, but he wants more. When Alex is outed in the worst possible way, his cruel, hateful father throws him out. Cam and Wicksy, Cam’s hilarious straight-but-not-narrow roommate, give Alex free rein of their couch, and it becomes even more difficult to resist the sexual tension between them, what with Cam walking around in boxer briefs and all.

Blogtour: Denying Fate by C.C. Dado

Please say hello to C.C. Dado with 

Denying Fate 

A Series Of Fates #1


Fate is a funny thing. Some try to cut its threads, while others wrap themselves in it like a blanket.

Young wolf shifter Max is cocky and crass. Unlike others his age, he has yet to discover a talent that will serve his pack. Since childhood, he’s been convinced the pack alpha is his mate, but Alpha Christian cannot envision unfiltered and directionless Max taking the place of his elegant mother at the head of the pack. As Max begins to build a life with his best friend, he also begins to see that maybe what he thought was inevitable was all in his head, and it’s time to move on.

Or are they both denying fate?

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About the author:

Blogtour: Unlawful Desires by Pamela Samuels Young

by Sassy Sinclair 
Erotic Suspense 
198 pp. 
$10.99 (paperback) $3.99 (Kindle)

Author: Sassy Sinclair
Publisher: Goldman House Publishing
Pages: 198
Genre: Erotic Romance

Sparks fly when a handsome lawyer falls hard for a smart, seductive woman who thinks like a man and acts like one too.

Sharla Ratliff is done with having her heart broken. Her new dating rules are simple. No emotion. No expectation of commitment. Sex purely for her own physical enjoyment. Then she meets Marcel Dennard. The attractive lawyer has all the trappings of success: a thriving career, women at his beck and call, and enough money in the bank for the finer things in life.

Their lust for each other doesn’t just create sparks, it sets off explosions. The sexual attraction between them is so passionately erotic they behave in ways that can only be called reckless. After a shocking series of events place both of their careers in jeopardy, can they restrain their sexual desires long enough to keep everything they’ve worked for from going up in smoke?




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Book Blitz: Patchwork Paradise by Indra Vaughn

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Cover Design: Dar Albert

Length: 205 pages


Oliver and Samuel’s relationship is fairy-tale perfect. They share a gorgeous house in Antwerp, go out with their friends every weekend, and count down the days to their dream wedding. But their happy ending is shattered one late night, and just like that, Ollie is left bereft and alone.

The months that follow are long and dark, but slowly Ollie emerges from his grief. He even braves the waters of online dating, though deep down he doesn’t believe he can find that connection again. He doesn’t think to look for love right in front of him: his bisexual friend Thomas, the gentle giant with a kind heart and sad eyes who’s wanted him all along.

When Thomas suddenly discovers he has a son who needs him, he’s ill prepared. Ollie opens up his house—Sam’s house—and lets them in. Ollie doesn’t know what scares him more: the responsibility of caring for a baby, or the way Thomas is steadily winning his heart. It will take all the courage he has to discover whether or not fairy tales can happen for real.

Author Bio

Release Blitz: Out in the Deep by Lane Hayes

Title: Out in the Deep
Series: Out in College
Author: Lane Hayes
Publisher: Lane Hayes
Release Date: August 29
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 41K
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Bisexual, College romance, Water Polo, Coming out

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Derek Vaughn is a little too serious. He’s a type A control personality with a penchant for order and a love of water polo. But he’s determined to enjoy his last year of college. The real world with a serious job and big expectations can wait for a few months. He’s going soak up every minute on campus with his friends and teammates before he moves on. The only possible kink in his plan is the new guy on the team… also known as his nemesis.
Gabe Chadwick has big Olympic dreams. His transfer between Southern California universities has nothing to do with scholastics. The degree is his backup plan. He’s not there to party or make friends. And he certainly isn’t going to announce his sexuality. But he can’t deny there’s something special about the uptight team captain. However, when an unwitting friendship and mutual attraction collide, both will have to decide if this is the real thing or if they’re about to lose it all in the deep.


Maybe I just needed a good night’s sleep. It had been a long day. And a weird one. I could never have dreamed up a scenario featuring Gabe Chadwick in my house after this morning. But here he was.

I gave him a thorough once-over as he walked into the kitchen. And again, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “Wow, he’s really fucking hot.”

“Nice place.”

“Thanks. Do you want some water or something?” I asked, awkwardly pointing at the fridge.

“No, thanks. I’ve had enough tonight,” Gabe replied with a laugh.

I should have said good-bye then and escorted him to the door, but I had a strong desire to keep him talking and maybe dispel the weird admiring thoughts going through my brain. Yes, Gabe was a good-looking guy, but I shouldn’t be fixating on his long eyelashes and the way the kitchen light framed him in a halo of sorts. I couldn’t let him go until my brainwaves returned to normal, and he was the same annoyingly smart and talented opponent I’d played against occasionally for years. The thing was, I didn’t really know him and at that moment, I wanted to.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

Cover Reveal: Strays And Lovers by John Inman

We are delighted to reveal the cover for John Inman's upcoming novel 

Strays And Lovers 


Forty-six-year-old Eddie Hightower has a problem. He’s all alone. The only thing that saves him from facing that stark reality is the fact that he isn’t really alone at all. He has a house full of pets and a refuge full of stray unwanted animals he spends every waking hour trying to place in homes. While he loves what he does with all the joy in his heart, that same poor aging heart is still missing something. And Eddie knows exactly what it is. Romance.

But wait. Cue the music. Suddenly, beyond all hope, it happens. In the small desert town of Spangle, California, where Eddie lives, comes a sad young stranger with piercing gray eyes. They are the palest, most stunningly beautiful eyes Eddie has ever seen. Poor Eddie Hightower is swallowed up in their silver depths and disappears without a gurgle. The stranger’s name is Gray Grissom. Gray, like his eyes. Without hesitation Eddie opens his doors—and his heart—to the lost young man. After all, that’s what Eddie does. He finds homes for strays. But this is one stray Eddie intends to keep for himself.

Release Date: November 30, 2018
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 152 (ebook)
Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas

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ARC Review: The Quarterback’s Crush By John R. Petrie

The Quarterback's Crush
Dylan Porter needs a Hail Mary….

Because it’ll take a miracle for him to pass English and trig so he can stay on the football team, get a scholarship, and go away to college—where the distance from his friends and family will give him the confidence to finally tell them he’s gay. But flunking his classes will put a stop to all of his dreams.

Luckily there’s Tommy Peterson to help him. In Dylan’s eyes, Tommy’s perfect. Short, smart, and sexy, he checks every one of Dylan’s boxes, so it’s no surprise when Dylan falls head over heels. Too bad Tommy doesn’t seem to feel the same, and a pining Dylan accidentally outs himself to the team. Now Dylan has to deal with the fallout of his coming out to the team, his dad, and his coach while trying to score the ultimate touchdown—the love of Tommy Peterson.

Todd's rating:

This was one of those stories that I thoroughly enjoyed, when I'm not entirely sure why.

What I mean is that, while I love YA stories, folks, let me tell you, this was very, very, VERRRRRY YA.

The MC's, Dylan and Tommy, didn't possess "maturity beyond their years", like so many YA stories tend to have. If anything, they actually read more as just starting out in high school, instead of being 18 y.o. seniors.

The book made me laugh a lot and all of the characters in the book, even the side-character friends, were just too entertaining for words, without feeling as if the author was trying too hard to make them "cutesy".

Dylan's best friend, Riley, was a personal favorite of mine.
Don’t be such a drama queen,” Riley said, and I could tell he was smiling over the phone. “I read that online. I’ve got a whole new vocabulary now. It’s freaking awesome. I wish you’d come out years ago. Hey, girl, hey! Cool, right? Anyway, I just wanted to see how it was going with Tommy. Call me later, dude.
I loved how when quarterback Dylan accidentally outed himself to his dad, his team, and the *entire* school, he was met by only positive support. Mostly.

Because there's always "that one asshole". In this book, that villain was one of the school's baseball players, who did cause Dylan and Tommy their fair share of problems, but he got his comeuppance in the end, so I was happy. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that.

As with most VERRRRRY YA stories that I've read, don't read this book expecting any steam at all. This was entirely naive, innocent longing and high school romance, with zero emphasis on them going any further than mild kissing.

Blogtour: Art House by Charley Descoteaux

Please say hello to Charley Descoteaux with 

Art House 

Buchanan House #6 


Chase Holland spends his days painting Portland scenes to hang in local businesses, neglecting his own surrealist style. After twenty-five years as a full-time artist, he’s frustrated that his career has stalled, but churning out the equivalent of corporate art is better than getting a day job. Chase and Garrett have been together—off and on, but mostly on—for a decade. If asked, they would both say the source of their trouble is the seventeen-year age gap. The truth is less clear-cut. Life would be so much easier if Chase could make a living with his own art, or if Garrett held less conventional ideas about relationships.

Garrett Frisch has been watching their friends get married for the past two years, and it’s taking an emotional toll. When he proposes as a way to keep them together permanently, he thinks he’s being responsible, but Chase is ambivalent and hurt and can’t hide it. It doesn’t help that Garrett’s anxiety is out of control and he’s dealing with insecurities about his own art career. They will have to do their least favorite thing—talk about something more important than which food cart to visit—if they are to get the happy ending they both want.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: August 21, 2018
Pages: 254
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase

Get the book:

Hello friends! I’m so grateful to be visiting My Fiction Nook today—thanks for having me!
You may have heard that I’ve just moved into a new home—the first one I’ve ever owned. Over the past two months I’ve become someone who surfs Pinterest for flooring options and color palettes instead of hot men! *lol* I’m very happy in my new home, but also a little exhausted from unpacking boxes and moving furniture around. To make my life a little easier I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt instead of a guest post today—I hope you like it!
Stick around after the excerpt and leave a comment about your favorite color scheme for a room. Doesn’t matter which room it is—every room in my house needs painting so I need all of your ideas!
Every comment during my tour will be an entry in my giveaway. At the end of the tour everyone’s name will go into a hat and the winner will get a signed paperback of Art House, some Buchanan House and Dreamspinner swag, and a surprise or two. This giveaway is worldwide. 😊

This excerpt is from Chapter Seven. I thought it would be fun to share a scene with a little steam. 😉

Chase woke a half hour later feeling more rested than he had in the past two weeks of nights. And then realized he was alone in the large bed. He didn’t need to open his eyes to know that Garrett wasn’t lying beside him. His throat constricted, and in that moment, he thought he experienced true despair.
He rolled toward Garrett’s side of the bed, the sheet that might still smell like him, depending on how long ago he’d gone, and saw him. Garrett was sitting on the floor beside his easel, curled into a ball, hugging his legs and drawing on the wall near the floor. Beautifully nude. Garrett must have heard the rustle of the bed because his hand stopped.
“Are you tagging the bedroom wall?”

ARC Review: Unwritten Law by Eden Finley

Unwritten Law
Being an identical twin doesn’t come without issues.

No one can tell us apart, not even our parents sometimes. We don’t usually use that to our advantage, but it comes in handy when my brother needs help breaking up with his boyfriends—which happens more than I’d care to admit. I know it’s enabling him, but I can’t say no to Anders. I will do anything for my twin. The breakups always go the same; they’re swift and simple.

Until Reed.

He’s everything I've fantasised about but never allowed myself to have. When I give in to temptation and begin to freak out, it’s not because he’s a guy. It’s because he thinks I’m my brother, and I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth.

Todd's rating:

Well, I'm glad I Facebook stalked Eden down for an ARC of "Unwritten Law" now, because it turned out to be a very fun and entertaining read.

I'd expected this to be one of those "my brother slept with the same guy I'm sleeping with now" stories, but that wasn't at all the case here. Eden took a slightly different approach, which I enjoyed more than my initial "sloppy seconds" assumption.

Law's identical twin brother, Anders, the twin who Law was pretending to be, never even met the other MC, Reed, until significantly later in the book. After the point where Reed 'thought' he was engaged in a a friendship with Law and a hookup situation with 'Anders'.

Trust me, it's way less confusing than it sounds while reading the story, which was very well-laid-out and superbly written.

The story had steam, but it wasn't what I would call rife with it. And when sex happened, they pretty much did the deed, then Law ran for the door.

The book was much more about the developing friendship and subsequent feelings between 'straight' (*cough-bi-cough*) Law and Reed, which was a joy to watch.

Of course, Law was extremely conflicted as he constantly chickened out in coming clean that he was neither straight nor the brother he'd been pretending to be.

Reed's friendship had come to mean so much to Law, and the sexy bits were bringing on genuine feels, that he was terrified that his little revelation would result in the loss of both.

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ARC Review: The Artist by Bonnie Dee

Creating love from darkness is the greatest art…

Living a bohemian lifestyle in Paris is wonderful for Teddy Dandridge, but disastrous for his finances. His unconventional artistic creations find few buyers. After a year of failure, he returns to England to fulfill a portrait commission for a wealthy family, but he finds a different, source of inspiration secreted away in their sprawling house.

Isolated and rejected by his family, Phineas Abernathy haunts the west wing like a ghost. A physical deformity has locked him away from society for all his life. Filling his days with reading and drawing, he dreams of a life that seems unachievable…until irreverent, opinionated Teddy explodes into his quiet world.

Intrigued by the kind and creative man beneath the ungainly exterior, Teddy gives Phin nightly drawing lessons. A private friendship is born as the men share life stories, future hopes and a growing attraction. Phin agrees to pose for a portrait in which Teddy tries to illustrate the depth and beauty he sees in him. He also guides the eager virgin in the ways of love between men.

When persecutors from Phin’s past arrive at the house, the slights and hurts he has suffered his entire life boil over. He must at last be brave enough to emerge from his cocoon and venture into an often cruel and judgmental world. And Teddy must decide what matters most to him.

Dani's rating:

Set in 1902, The Artist begs the question, What makes a person beautiful?

Phineas has been hidden away by his family for twenty years. Born with a craniofacial anomaly (close-set, asymmetrical eyes, protruding forehead, weak chin) and meromelia (a shorter malformed left arm), Phin thinks of himself as a monster because it's how he's been treated. He keeps to his wing of the house and loves his wild garden where all kinds of creatures live; the garden is his sanctuary.

When an artist is commissioned to paint his younger sister's portrait, Phineas finds color in an otherwise grey and drab world.

Teddy is dashing and lives outside polite society. Once a bohemian in Paris, Teddy is trying to make a living painting respectable portraits of young ladies. Teddy wears his hair long, and his eyes sparkle.

I loved the way Teddy and Phi's friendship developed. Teddy pushes Phin outside his comfort zone and makes Phin question his lot in life. Teddy becomes Phin's teacher, his one and only friend. Phin doesn't think someone as handsome as Teddy could desire him, but Teddy sees much more than Phin's external appearance. Teddy is an artist; he sees beauty where others don't.

This is a slower-paced novel completely focused on the relationship between the men. The MCs are vibrant, complex characters. They spend time together in the evenings: Teddy giving Phin art lessons and painting Phin's portrait in an abstract style, and Phin yearning for Teddy's touch.

Blogtour: A Few Good Fish by Amy Lane

Please welcome Amy Lane with 

A Few Good Fish 

Fish Out Of Water #3


A tomcat, a psychopath, and a psychic walk into the desert to rescue the men they love…. Can everybody make it out with their skin intact?

PI Jackson Rivers and Defense Attorney Ellery Cramer have barely recovered from last November, when stopping a serial killer nearly destroyed Jackson in both body and spirit.

But their previous investigation poked a new danger with a stick, forcing Jackson and Ellery to leave town so they can meet the snake in its den.

Jackson Rivers grew up with the mean streets as a classroom and he learned a long time ago not to give a damn about his own life. But he gets a whole new education when the enemy takes Ellery. The man who pulled his shattered pieces from darkness and stitched them back together again is in trouble, and Jackson’s only chance to save him rests in the hands of fragile allies he barely knows.

It’s going to take a little bit of luck to get these Few Good Fish out alive!

Get the book:


By Amy Lane

“Hunh,” he said as Ellery locked the car and they looked for people heading toward some sort of entrance for the service.
“Hunh what?” Ellery asked, caution in his voice. He seemed to think that was a scary word coming from Jackson. Jackson had no idea why.

So I’ve had a few memorable fights with my editors, but one of the most important was the one that saved this word.


I needed a sound—one of those sounds that people who grew up in the same place make.  I heard this first with my students. “Aight?” – didn’t matter the student’s ethnicity or place of birth, by the time they hit their last two years in high school, they’d say this word.

“Yeah—I’m gonna go to the cafeteria for a soda. Coming with, aight?”

Release Blitz: Flare by Posy Roberts

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Cover Design: Olive Us Designs

North Star Trilogy

Book #1 - Spark - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 - Fusion - Amazon US | Amazon UK


After tremendous loss, Hugo and Kevin seek stability for themselves and the kids. They never expected family and friends to toss obstacles in the way of their happily ever after.

Love and family to fight for.

Hugo and Kevin strive to put their lives back together after tragedy, doing everything in their power to create a stable life. Hugo’s acting career is back on track, and Kevin hires a nanny to help with the kids as they discover their new normal. But when Erin’s parents seek full custody of Brooke and Finn, that stability is shattered.

With Hugo working in LA or New York, the distance from his new family gets to him. At home, the nanny’s hands-on approach leaves Hugo feeling pushed out, so he leaves his beloved apartment and eclectic neighborhood behind to move in with Kevin.

Hugo has a hard time fitting in with the suburbanites with Kevin’s passive-aggressive “friends” making Hugo feel anything but welcome. As the custody case heads to mediation, Brooke is bullied about having two dads, and Hugo realizes his mere presence might be doing more harm than good.
Hugo must decide to stay and fight for his family or leave and let them live in peace.



To say Kevin was pissed was an understatement. He was well into the realm of seething. Enraged. Hell, foaming at the mouth might’ve been a better description.

Hugo did everything in his power to ooze calm, to appear unruffled, and to concentrate as he read through the legal documents.

Kevin barely scanned the papers before handing them over with shaking hands, saying, “Please tell me these aren’t saying what I think they are.”

Unfortunately, the papers lacked details they both wanted, so Hugo was unsure how to respond.

Why would they do this?

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Book Review: Torn (Story Ballads #1) by Mia Kerick

Torn (Story Ballads, #1)
Vinny Bucci and Tommy Stecker are almost cousins. (Their mothers call themselves “sisters of the heart,” so that sort of makes them cousins, doesn’t it?) Since childhood, they’ve shared holidays and Sunday services and their passion for soccer. But now they’re eighteen, high school seniors, and what has always been devoted friendship—the next best thing to family—has started to feel like something else. Something more….

Unfortunately, the Steckers can’t accept their son’s same-sex romance, and upon recognizing the teens’ mutual attraction, they push Tommy into dating a girl from church, then compel him to attend a Christian College far away from Vinny’s school. The Buccis and the Steckers—once a family of choice—clash over what’s right and go their separate ways.

Forced into separation, Vinny and Tommy are both devastated, but while Vinny hardens his heart to love, halfway across the country Tommy becomes emotionally and physically ill. Their passion for each other hasn’t diminished, let alone died, but they lose contact, and for the first time in their lives learn what it is to live with a broken heart.

Will Tommy and Vinny find their way back to each other, or will they accept the rules dictated by family and try to live severed lives, their love forever unfulfilled?

A Mature Young Adult Romance

Todd's rating:

Holy crap, that was freaking ANGSTY AF, but I'd expected as much.

I adored both Vinny and Tommy, but Tom's family and the situations they forced him into constantly made me crazy.

The first parts of the book were my favorite, before they left for college and were covertly spending as much time together as possible.

But then Tom left for college and decided that he *needed* to make Jenna his priority, refusing to make any sort of contact for six weeks. Just after them both MC's stressing that "you're mine".


I hated those parts and wanted to strangle both Jenna and Tom's mother.

Yes, Jenna was being lied to, BUT (and this is a huuuuuge but) she had manipulated Tom into ever dating her in the first place, using both of their families against Tommy to get what she wanted, so she received less than zero sympathy from me.
Her plan to trap a man failed. Boo fucking hoo, bitch.

Tommy's mother had no excuse, other than to enforce Gestapo-level control over her youngest son.

Sorry, I still had a bit of pent-up anger over that controlling mess. Using religion and social norms to strong-arm a child into being someone there not isn't acceptable -- EVER.

Blogtour: The Lovely Pines by Don Travis

Please welcome Don Travis with 

The Lovely Pines 

a BJ Vinson Mystery #4

Trespassers break into the Lovely Pines Winery, steal nothing, and commit no vandalism.
What Gives?

This could have been a local headline at the opening of Don Travis’s The Lovely Pines. This, the fourth in his BJ Vinson Mystery Series, is centered around three main characters: BJ Vinson, Paul Barton, and the state of New Mexico.

BJ is a gay, former marine, ex-Albuquerque cop turned confidential investigator who does the heavy lifting on his sometimes interesting and challenging cases. Paul, a grad student in UNM’s School of Journalism, provides a different sort of interesting challenge on the home front. And New Mexico is the beautiful setting for all the books in the series.

The Zozobra Incident takes place in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The Bisti Business exposes the reader to Taos and Farmington and the other-worldly Bisti-de-Na-Zin Wilderness area. City of Rocks explores the bootheel country, and this novel, The Lovely Pines, takes us to the wine country north of Albuquerque and to Las Cruces and Carlsbad. The upcoming Abaddon’s Locusts takes place largely on the Navajo Reservations (yes, I said reservations—plural). The novel emerging from my pen as we speak, The Voxlightner Scandal, is centered in Albuquerque and the Sandia Mountains looming to the east. So you see, I consider my adopted state as a equal, complex, and colorful character in my novels. I just hope my word pictures do her justice.

The blurb for The Lovely Pines gives the reader the flavor of the novel:

When Ariel Gonda’s winery, the Lovely Pines, suffers a break-in, the police write the incident off as a prank since nothing was taken. But Ariel knows something is wrong—small clues are beginning to add up—and he turns to private investigator BJ Vinson for help.
BJ soon discovers the incident is anything but harmless. When a vineyard worker—who is also more than he seems—is killed, there are plenty of suspects to go around. But are the two crimes even related? As BJ and his significant other, Paul Barton, follow the trail from the central New Mexico wine country south to Las Cruces and Carlsbad, they discover a tangled web involving members of the US military, a mistaken identity, a family fortune in dispute, and even a secret baby. The body count is rising, and a child may be in danger. BJ will need all his skills to survive because, between a deadly sniper and sabotage, someone is determined to make sure this case goes unsolved.

Need more? Okay, here’s an excerpt from the end of Chapter 1. BJ has just been engaged by Ariel Gonda, the owner of The Lovely Pines Winery and Vineyard, to investigate a break-in. I chose this passage not for action but because it gives insight into some characters in the novel”


After submitting to another half hour of questions, Gonda executed my standard contract, handed over a check for the retainer, and made arrangements for me to visit the Lovely Pines. Then he took his leave.
“Such a distinguished gentleman,” Hazel observed when she came to collect the contract and the check. And the two bottles.
“You’re just a sucker for an accent.” I handed over the digital recorder for transcription, as well. Earlier this year, Hazel had threatened rebellion if I didn’t do away with the tape recorder I’d used for years. I’d probably have ignored her except the thing was virtually worn out. Might as well join the twenty-first century, right?
My formerly dowdy office manager scoffed. “I can take them, or I can leave them.”
She had blossomed since she and Charlie Weeks were married in a civil ceremony held in my living room last New Year’s Eve. Like me, Charlie was a retired cop. But he’d put in his time at the Albuquerque Police Department, whereas I was medically retired by a gunshot wound to the thigh. Last year he earned his way into a partnership as the only other full-time investigator in the firm. After the legal documents formalizing this were signed, I made a big deal out of having the gold lettering on the outer office door redone to read “Vinson and Weeks, Confidential Investigations,” but Hazel insisted I’d only done it because someone scratched a hole in the paint on the letter C.
“There will be a lot of background investigations on this one,” I told her.

Blogtour: Hold You Close by Corinne Michaels & Melanie Harlow


“Corinne Michaels and Melanie Harlow are a match made in heaven. Five-Sweet-Stars for this unforgettable collaboration!” --A.L. Jackson, New York Times bestselling author

Hold You Close 

an all-new second chance standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels and USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow is available now!



Ian Chase broke my heart at seventeen, and I’ve spent the last eighteen years hating him for it.

He makes it easy, with his smart mouth and playboy lifestyle—which I unfortunately have to observe since he lives behind me. Every time I see him climbing out of his pool, practically naked and unreasonably sexy, my blood boils.

I’ve always loved to loathe him.

I never planned to need him.


London Parish is my little sister’s best friend, not that it stopped me from falling for her.
Our history is complicated. The only thing we have in common is being godparents to my sister’s three adorable kids—until our lives are changed in one tragic moment.

Now we’re trying to raise the children we love, mourn an unthinkable loss, and fight an undeniable attraction.

My life is already upside-down, and the last thing I need is for old feelings to resurface.
Because I’ll never be able to keep her, no matter how hard I try to hold her close.


Download Your Copy Today!
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“Ian,” my bartender, Toby, calls with his hand out.

“What’s up?”

“You have a call.” He pushes the phone toward me.

No one calls the club for me other than vendors, and it’s eleven-thirty at night, so whoever it is can wait.

“I have to deal with something now, send them to my voicemail.”

He shakes his head. “She’s called three times.” The annoyance in his voice is clear, even over the music.


The only woman that would resort to calling the club is my ex-wife. God only knows what bullshit she wants now. For all I know she broke a nail, it’s my fault, and she thinks I should pay for her new manicure, or a hand replacement. She’s like the gift you’ve tried to return but can’t find the receipt for, so you’re stuck with it. I hate unwanted presents, and I hate Jolene.

“Send the devil to my voicemail,” I say and walk away.

I head out to the sidewalk. Drea wasn’t kidding, the line is nuts. “Hello, Officer,” I say to the pudgy cop standing next to the bouncer.

“Mr. Chase, we’re getting complaints,” he says, looking down the sidewalk at the line.

“I can’t help that we’re popular.” I shrug. “I’m at capacity, and can’t kick out the paying customers to take care of the line.”

“You’re obstructing the entrances of other businesses because of the way your overflow lines are set up.”

How the hell would they like me to handle it? We’re not inside the casino, there’s no way to control the line. I’m not about to turn away people when we hit the number ten. This is a business, and part of the free marketing I get is thanks to the line.

“All right, I’ll figure something out.” I grip the back of my neck.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. If this is Jolene, I swear to God, I might lose my fucking mind.

The name flashes across the screen, London Parish. For fuck’s sake. Like I need to deal with my sister’s uptight, irritating best friend right now. London would be incredibly hot if she wasn’t such a raging bitch. I look at my call log and see this is the third time she’s called.

I walk down the strip a little, and after a few deep breaths, I call her back.

“Ian, you need to come to my house.”

I smirk. “Well, this is a first. Did you have the stick removed from your ass?”

“Don’t. Not today, please. Just come here.” I hear her sniff and my protectiveness kicks in. Someone made her cry. We don’t get along at all—partly because we’re polar opposites and partly because of our history—but no one gets to make her cry.

“Are you hurt?” I ask.

“Not in the way you think.” Her voice hitches.

I’ve known London for twenty-five years. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen or heard her cry—I was the reason one of those times.

“What’s wrong? Is it an emergency? Because I’m at work and the club—”
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