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ARC Review: Blood and Eternity (Blood #3) by Shira Anthony

Blood and Eternity (Blood #3)
Sequel to Blood and Ghosts and the final installment in the Blood Trilogy

Vampire hunter Adrien Gilbert never dreamed he’d fall for his prey or that his love, Nicolas Lambert, would give him the gift of immortality. But when a hunter bent on destroying the truce between vampires and hunters throws the gauntlet at Adrien’s feet, Adrien must travel through time to save Nicolas, and with him, the entire vampire race.

The time has come to make a choice—one they will live with for eternity.

In this final installment in the Blood Trilogy, Adrien and Nicolas must face their greatest enemy in a deadly last confrontation. But to prevail, they’ll need to master the enemies within.

When Adrien awakens to a future he doesn’t recognize, he faces an impossible decision: live a perfect life with Nicolas in a shattered world, or risk everything to repair a broken past. But before he can challenge vampire hunter Verel Pelletier, he must master the demon who lives in his own mind—and learn to control his ability to travel through time. With Nicolas by his side, he prepares for a final battle against a powerful adversary who likes to play games with the past and future.

But the price of ensuring a future for their loved ones may be an eternity spent alone.

Todd's rating:

Yay, after what felt like forever, I finally got to finish this series!

And "Blood and Eternity" was very aptly named, because it truly felt like an eternity that I'd been waiting for this third and final book. ;- )

(Sorry, Shira, you know I love you, gurl! *mwah* hehe)

As this book began, Adrien had been given a choice. Remain in the future with Nico, after searching for him for over a century, and Pelletier would leave them alone to live their lives.

Or leave Nicolas behind, jump back into the past, and continue the fight.

Except Pelletier knew that the deaths of almost everyone Adrien loved would weigh heavily on him, if he stayed, essentially sacrificing their lives for his own happiness.

However, what Pelletier didn't count on was one itty bitty twist in the "leaving Nico behind" scenario that he'd banked on. I absolutely loved where Shira took the story in that respect.

This story was both fun and fast-paced, so I couldn't have put the book down, even if I'd wanted to. And I didn't.

I absolutely loved revisiting all of the characters from the first two books, including the ones that had died, because duh, time travel.

Also, traveling back to the very beginning and meeting Nicolas' parents and brother, who Pelletier had murdered on the day Nicolas was born, WOW, that was even better than I'd hoped for. The trust and familial bonds there left me pretty speechless.

This story was much more about those ties between family and friends than fighting the bad guys and the host of evil things born of stolen vampire blood.

Yes, those action scenes were fairly exciting (though not as much so as in the first book), but it was the one-on-one scenes between the various characters, especially Adrien and Nicolas, that I'll remember for some time to come.

If I'm being honest, the villains seemed fairly easy to kill here, even if you might have to kill them a couple of times for it to fully stick. Again, because... time travel. ;- )

I did worry that once the last bad guy was offed, erasing a *lot* of the events that led to Adrien meeting Nicolas and falling in love, what would happen to them after that?

I needn't have worried, as Shira gave the reader the HEA that was needed -- even if Nicholas did have to wait a damn long time for it to come to fruition. But much like the series, in the end, it was all worth it.

I'd rate this one at around 4.25 stars and give the green light to anyone waiting for the series to be complete before starting these books.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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