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Review Tour: Believe (Skins #3) by Garrett Leigh

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Length: 55,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Black Jazz Design

Skins Series
Dream (Book #1) - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Whisper (Book #2) - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Flight paramedic Rhys Foster is hooked on adrenaline. By day it’s blood and guts, by night it’s the thrill of the club. With a different face in his bed most nights, he doesn’t have time to be lonely…right?

Entertainer Jevon Campbell is a play therapist like no other—dancer, magician, acrobat, he brings it all to his global mission to help children in need laugh again. He’s on a rare home visit when he encounters enigmatic Rhys in a London bar.

Their connection is instant, but Rhys fast realises Jevon’s easy confidence doesn’t stretch as far as the bedroom. He has no idea how mesmerising he is—how beautiful—and Rhys resolves to show him.

They grow closer, but time isn’t on their side. Rhys seems unable to articulate how he feels, and with Jevon’s imminent departure from the UK hanging over them, their separate commitments could tear them apart forever.

As the days slip by, Rhys must learn to believe he’s worth the happiness Jevon is offering.

Jewel's review:

Believe is book ​three in Garrett Leigh's Skins series. Though it will work fine as a stand alone, the MC's for both books one and two do have roles to play in this one and Rhys, in fact, was introduced in book ​one, so I think you will understand him and his motivations better if you read the first two books.

Rhys is lonely and he doesn't know how not to be. He watched his long time sex club fuck buddies, Dylan and Angelo fall deeper and deeper in love leaving Rhys feeling ... unnecessary. There was no commitment, there, at least with Rhys. Dylan and Angelo were and are a couple who occasionally​​ brought in a third. But Rhys wants what they have, even as he feels he'll never have it and doesn't deserve it, anyway. Even Rhys's brother, Henry, has found the love of his life. So Rhys always feels a bit on the outside, but he knows no other place.

Jevon is only beginning to discover his sexuality. He's had plenty of sex with women, but it was never all that satisfying. He's finally admitting to himself he might be on the gay side of bi, but so far he hasn't had the courage to act on it. Jevon's job takes him away for months at a time, as well, so he barely even has time to make connections and hookups aren't his jam, so he's a bit lonely, too.

Meeting Jevon happened at exactly the right time for Rhys. The same is true for Jevon. That chance meeting and the discoveries that come from it sent them both spinning. There's still a matter of Rhys's high-stress, long hours job as a paramedic and Jevon's travel as a play therapist for refugee children that keep them apart when they could be exploring, and it isn't until a second chance meeting that they finally start to explore what could be.

Garrett Leigh's stories just work for me, and Believe holds true to that. There's no melodrama, or manufactured angst. The relationship angst was perfect with Rhys and Jevon being separated by thousands of miles because of work, with their only contact during those times - when service can even be found - being video chat. The romance is slow burn and delicious and the HEA very satisfying. Happiness can indeed be found and Rhys finally believes he deserves to have it.

I recommend Believe and, indeed, this whole series.

** A free copy of this book was provided as part of the review tour. **

About the author:

Garrett Leigh is an award-winning British writer and book designer, currently working for Dreamspinner Press, Loose Id, Riptide Publishing, and Fox Love Press.

Garrett's debut novel, Slide, won Best Bisexual Debut at the 2014 Rainbow Book Awards, and her polyamorous novel, Misfits was a finalist in the 2016 LAMBDA awards.

When not writing, Garrett can generally be found procrastinating on Twitter, cooking up a storm, or sitting on her behind doing as little as possible, all the while shouting at her menagerie of children and animals and attempting to tame her unruly and wonderful FOX.

Garrett is also an award winning cover artist, taking the silver medal at the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards in 2016. She designs for various publishing houses and independent authors at, and co-owns the specialist stock with renowned LGBTQA+ photographer Dan Burgess.


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