Monday, April 16, 2018

ARC Review: A Full Plate by Kim Fielding

Bradford “Tully” Tolliver has everything—money, a beautiful condo, and a promising career as one of Portland’s hottest young lawyers. Sure, he puts in long hours and has no social life, but who needs romance when corporations pay top dollar for his expertise?
When a colleague asks if her cousin can live with him, he’s hesitant, but the arrangement will last less than a year, and then the cousin—Sage Filling—will return to his tiny hometown. But Sage is handsome and intriguing, and his cooking makes Tully swoon. 

Sage has obligations back home, though, and Tully has offers from a persistent—and very wealthy—ex that he might not refuse. Tully and Sage each have a full plate, but will they make room for a side of love?

Dani's rating:

A Full Plate is a very sweet story. There's almost no steam (no big surprise considering this is a Dreamspun Desires title), but lots of love.

The opposites attract theme is one of my favorites, and it's done particularly well here. Tully is a big shot lawyer in Portland with a spacious condo, a Tesla, and enough money to buy a fancy pasta machine (or three).

Sage Filling (yeah, yeah, he's heard all the jokes) is a foodie. He loves creating new recipes and feeding people, but despite his vast culinary talents, he works as a linecook in a deli. Sage isn't ashamed of that, far from it; he does what he must to support his family.

Sage and Tully meet when Tully's friend talks him into accepting Sage as a roommate. Tully isn't thrilled with the idea, but he warms up to Sage quickly, especially following a very spicy kiss in the kitchen.

This is a quiet, relationship-focused story. There's no crazy drama, no misunderstanding—just the opposite.

As Sage and Tully get closer, they worry about the inevitable end: Tully's job is in the city, while Sage longs to return to small town Oregon where his family lives.

Tully is also being pursued by his ex-boyfriend, and current client, Eddy, who flirts shamelessly and has a silent standoff with Sage. I wanted to hate Eddy but couldn't. The Thanksgiving meal scene was actually really funny. (Oh, and no worries, there's no love triangle here; Tully knows exactly whom he wants, and it's not Eddy.)

The first half of the book dragged a tiny bit, but the story really grew on me. The ending is all kinds of glitter and joy. If you need a happy book to read this weekend, and A Full Plate didn't let me down.

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