Tuesday, February 20, 2018

ARC Review: Under His Stiletto by K.A. Merikan

Under His Stiletto
--- No discipline until you’ve had your greens! ---

Mike doesn’t like overcomplicating things. At thirty two, he’s nowhere near settling down and divides his time between his construction job and the pub. Then his life becomes everything but simple when his coworkers catcall the wrong person, and Mike ends up punished for it. Which doesn’t seem all that bad, since he loves punishment and discipline.

Loves it so much in fact, that he will do anything for more licks from the sexy crossdresser’s belt.

Living in a state of perfect domestic bliss where he does as he’s told, and in turn gets freshly baked cookies and his laundry done, lines blur all too quickly, and it might just be Momma not Mike who is skittish about relationships.

Despite all the hoops he has to jump through, nothing can scare Mike away, because he is a good boy and he will prove it no matter what punishments Momma has him endure!

POSSIBLE SPOILERS:Themes: commitment issues, discipline, crossdressing, role-play, dirty talk, punishments, identity, spanking, bullyingGenre: M/M contemporary romance, BDSMLength: ~22,000 words (standalone story)

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo role-play. Explicit content, strong language, discipline. Reader discretion advised.

Jewel's rating:

Oh, my...what have we here?! Under His Stiletto was a first for me. It was kind of a crazy ride, but I also kinda loved it!

How often does a cat call end with appropriate punishment? Not nearly often enough, if you ask me. This time, though, Mike, whom his colleagues agreed was the best looking of them, is tasked with smoothing over the ruffled feathers of a woman who took them to task for catcalling. A woman, who Mike noticed wasn't necessarily what she seemed. However, Mike is drawn to strong, dominant women and this retro bombshell trips his trigger like no one else.

Mamma was rather unexpected. She's a lady, but identifies as a man. She just likes the retro hairstyles, clothing and design. Mamma is none too amused by the disrespect shown by the men that catcalled her. When mike approaches her to apologia, she decides a punishment is in order and tells him to come to her house after work. And while Mamma doesn't exactly give Mike what he expected, what he found was so much hotter.

Did I mention "oh my"? Yeah. Under His Stiletto is a hot little number. I've read and enjoyed DD/lb kink before, but never Mamma/son kink, but I'm nothing if not adventurous in my reading so here we are! The story is short, the relationship builds quickly, and Mike and Mamma get their happy ending. In between, there are a couple seriously hot sex scenes with some delicious punishment and role play. It might not be everyone's cuppa, but sometimes I like things kinky.


ARC of Under His Stiletto was generously provided by the authors, in exchange for an honest review.

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