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ARC Review: Two Man Station by Lisa Henry

Two Man Station (Emergency Services)From the blurb:

Gio Valeri is a big city police officer who’s been transferred to the small outback town of Richmond with his professional reputation in tatters. His transfer is a punishment, and Gio just wants to keep his head down and survive the next two years. No more mistakes. No more complications.

Except Gio isn’t counting on Jason Quinn.

Jason Quinn, officer in charge of Richmond Station, is a single dad struggling with balancing the demands of shift work with the challenges of raising his son. The last thing he needs is a new senior constable with a history of destroying other people’s careers. But like it or not, Jason has to work with Gio.

In a remote two man station hours away from the next town, Gio and Jason have to learn to trust and rely on each another. Close quarters and a growing attraction mean that the lines between professional and personal are blurring. And even in Richmond, being a copper can be dangerous enough without risking their hearts as well.

Heather's rating:

Two Man Station is a good story from Lisa Henry, but it felt like an intro to a romance rather than the romance itself.

I adore everything Lisa Henry, especially her lighter stuff, and so I was honestly expecting to 5-star this one. I mean, two cops... all alone... horny and lonely... out in the country... I was hearing *bow china wow wow* in my head while reading the blurb! However, that wasn't quite what I got.

I liked the set up for the story and the hurt/comfort elements. I enjoy police stories, though I'm not a cop-junkie, and of COURSE I think men in uniform are hot. I wasn't expecting the story to be as angsty as it was, though the blurb is pretty accurate to the issues that the characters face.

My main complaint with the story is that is really isn't all that romantic. Sure, I don't need gushing and flowers, and I HATE instalove, but I honestly don't think these two even said "I love you" once during the story. They just never got there. The story ends with the two barely figuring out if they like one another in a romantic way.

There is some sex, but it wasn't as hot as I was expecting either. I felt like the sexual tension wasn't there, which is usually my favorite part of a story. There were very few signs of interest or attraction, and most of the story is the two men going on cop calls and getting to know country locals. The story picked up quite a bit towards the end, but I think I wanted more oomph in the chemistry between the two MCs.

While not my favorite Lisa Henry, I still enjoyed this cop romance and I'd recommend it Lisa Henry and hurt/comfort fans, especially those readers who enjoy children and families in their stories.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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