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ARC Review: King Daniel by Edmond Manning

King Daniel (The Lost and Founds #6)From the blurb:

After discovering a blog revealing a mighty tribe where “every man was the one true king and every woman was the one true queen…” thirty-five-year-old, unemployed Daniel realizes he’s tired of being a Lost King. He wants more. But more what? 
His quest to uncover the secret will drag him beyond his comfortable seclusion, into the cornfields of DeKalb and thunderous, chaotic New York City. After a hotel hookup with a sensual Englishman, the murderous rage Daniel fought to repress is finally unleashed. 
In the final story arc in The Lost and Founds series, Daniel faces the ultimate choice: what would you risk to become a Found King? His fate depends on a seedy escort named Fitch, benevolence from the mysterious king named DC, and love from the elusive Vin Vanbly, who may—or may not be—dead. 
This is the end. 
But is it the end for Daniel?

Heather's rating:

King Daniel caps off an unforgettable series on a high note, though it was a tough read for me, emotionally.

Before you decide to try this book, there are a few things you should know. First of all, the series must be read in order. Actually, if you want to be technical, there are a few orders you can read the book in (see the author, Edmond Manning's website for more info on that), but I recommend you read it in the order that they were published. I think you get the most out of it that way, and you know Vin on a deeper level. What you absolutely can't do is jump into this book with no context.

I think it is almost important to know that this story isn't romance. There is a romantic element, and certainly a sexual element, like all the stories in the series, but it is in no way a category romance. I would call it gay fiction above anything else.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, this particular story deals with disturbing and graphic depictions of childhood abuse. Fans of the series will know that Edmond isn't afraid to write stories about people with painful and damaged pasts, but the specifics of this story were really hard for me on a personal level. As a mother, reading some of the scenes in the book were like a knife in the heart. I managed to get through it, as the scenes are referenced and not told in flashback (which would have crossed the line for me), but it altered my feeling about the story overall, for sure.

If you liked Come Back To Me, you will most likely love King Daniel. Edmond Manning tells both stories in a similar-ish manner, so they reminded me of each other quite a bit. Also, there are some common themes throughout both of them.

I always say this, but The Lost and Founds series is really hard for me to describe. It isn't for everyone. It is a middle ground between contemporary and magical realism, and it straddles both lines very well. It also is a very compelling read, just bursting with excitement and with a very fast pace, and it hooked me in right away. Edmond never lets up with the surprises and twists and turns, and "King Daniel" was no different.

Okay, I vacillated back and forth about the harshness of some of the things Daniel was forced to go through, considering his background, but what do I know? I know nothing about abused children (or adults) and how they would react to certain situations. I do know that it warmed my heart and soul to see Daniel grow, make friendships, and move beyond what happened to him as a child.

Edmond is a lovely writer and King Daniel is a beautiful story for those who can't get enough of The Lost and Founds series. I'd encourage all readers to try out King Perry, the first in the series, as the journey that Edmond takes us on is not one I'll soon forget.

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Enjoy, my friends!!

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