Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gay Rom Lit 2017 Wrap-Ups! Day 1!

Hello, my lovely friends! If any of you have followed my blog posts from previous years, you know that I usually wrap up my awesome GRL experiences day by day, but this year, for some *super strange* reason, my recollections are a little bit more... fuzzy. I'm sure it has nothing to do with some unique laws in Denver and everything to do with jet lag... yeah, just jet lag... I'm going to do the best I can to separate my experiences by day, but there might be some overlap.

This GRL, I spent a ton of time socializing and hanging with my favorite readers and authors. I went to a few panels, but, really, I got my extrovert-side on and spent a ton of time just chatting. I mean, the reason most of us go to GRL is so we can meet like-minded people who actually know the books and authors we are obsessed with and are equally obsessed!

I got to Denver on Thursday, mid-afternoon. I was SUPER bummed that I missed the Wednesday narrator panel, which featured Greg Tremblay, Joel Leslie, Jason Frazier, Derrick McClain, Nick J. Russo, and Michael Lesley. I hear it was a great discussion, and being such an audiobook fan-girl, I made it my mission to spend some time with these narrators and pick their brains since I missed the big shindig. (More on them later!)
I'm at the airport! On my way!

After arriving, I sort of wandered like a zombie through the halls of the hotel, randomly bumping into friends in a half-sleepy, half-caffeinated state. I was like a tired, over-excited gerbil (not the most flattering description, but I think my manic state qualifies me as such!).

After socializing in the hallway, I saw the lovely Felice StevensJaime Reese, and Ethan Day do a storytellers spotlight about contemporary romance.

Hi, Felice! It's me, in the waaaay back! 
Again, I mostly just mainlined coffee today and wandered around, searching for friends. I got to chat with one of my favorite people at any convention, the lovely Lane Hayes!

Spacey? Who me?
Okay, NOW I'm ready for the picture! Isn't Lane adorable?
I also spent some time gossiping with Meghan Maslow, who was my bar-buddy last year. I hear AMAZING things about her newest book, By Fairy Means or Foul.

Meghan is so much fun! And her birthday is at GRL every year! 35, right? ;)
I also picked up a book from new-to-me author, Cal Matthews. I can't wait to read it! Love me some shifters.

Don't know why we look like we're glowing. Because we are so angelic??? 
Taylor V. Donovan had a huge line in the hallway by her table. I can't imagine why...

Yes, that's booze! Cocktails, anyone?
I was too out of it go to to the MLR-sponsored opening reception, but I reappeared later to meet up with more friends. Finally, I wrapped up the day with a panel with the CockyBoys and their founders. Yes, those CockyBoys (<--- explicit link, warning!). The panel was informative, respectful, and clothed

Moderated by the lovely Susan Lee! She always rocks it when she does public speaking!
Hanging with my girls, Susan and Jay from Joyfully Jay
Boozing, costumes, and mayhem? Oh, yes, there is SO much more to come! Stay tuned for the rest of my GRL2017 wrap ups!

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