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ARC Review: Bitten by Desire (Regent's Park Pack #3) by Annabelle Jacobs

Bitten by Desire (Regent's Park Pack, #3)
 Two lovers from rival packs. Have they come together only to be forced apart?

Alec Knight, a beta in the Regent’s Park pack, guards his heart carefully. Ghosts from his past keep him alone and angry, any hope of a relationship impossible while guilt from the pack wars still haunts him. With the anniversary drawing near, Alec needs a distraction.

As a lowly member of the Primrose Hill pack, Mark Appleton isn’t used to having his alpha’s attention. Lately he’s had more than his fair share, and not for the right reasons. Despite growing suspicions that all is not well, Mark tries hard to do better, but constant criticism leaves him desperate for a stress outlet.

Sex is a good way for shifters to let off steam, and while their packs attack each other with accusations and lies, Alec and Mark work out their frustrations in bed. Pillow talk and shared secrets lead to a closeness neither was expecting, but when pack relations reach an all-time low, any future for them seems out of the question.

If they want to be together, they’ll have to go against their alphas’ wishes—except Alec won’t and Mark can’t.

Todd's rating:

There has been something about this series that both excited and satisfied me, with this third (and final?) book in the series being no exception to that rule.

At the end of book two, Alec saved Mark from having his throat ripped out by an angry shifter from Alec's pack. A near-deadly event engineered by Mark's own evil alpha in an attempt to take over Alec's pack.

After that event, both pack alphas reported the other to the Pack Council, so the majority of this book was what happened once the pack authorities got involved, while Alpha Newell continued to manipulate his own pack members to ensure a very unjustified innocent verdict. The man was a complete slime ball, with no conscience and only his own delusions of greatness to guide him.

But Mark had the potential to be the proverbial nail in Alpha Newell's coffin, so Newell pulled a lot of unsavory moves to ensure that Mark wouldn't bring about his downfall, including attempted murder. Yes, fun times, but not for all.

The story was well-thought-out and extremely entertaining, as Alec attempted to keep Mark safe, while also inadvertently increasing the danger in which Mark was placed. Repeatedly. They both knew their relationship was not the smartest of moves, but in Mark's not-so-wise words, "fuck it."

I absolutely loved how integrated the MC's from the previous books were here, instead of only getting the requisite quick cameo once or twice. Both Tim and Nathan, as the Regent pack doctor and Alec's pseudo-nemesis, frequented this book quite a bit to assist with a bit of healing, both physical and emotional.

If I had to come up with one shortcoming, I'd say that the story, while packed full of danger and drama, did lack a bit in the time spent between Alec and Mark, with their relationship being much more about them having sex and much less about them having heart-to-heart, getting-to-know-you talks; although, that surprisingly didn't detract from the book, in my case.

The steamy bits were definitely on fire, with lots of biting, scratching, and smoldering looks hot enough to set the sheets ablaze.

As with the previous books, the MC's did get their HEA , but we also see both of the bad guys, Newell and Wes, finally, thank God almighty, got what was coming to them, just not quite as fully as I would have hoped, having seen all of the truly devious things they'd done.

This story line had built up over the course of the three books, so these should most definitely be read in order for full enjoyment, which you can do for *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership .

I'd rate book 3 at a solid 4.25 stars and recommend this entire series to anyone who enjoys steamier shifter tales with a bit of intrigue.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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