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ARC Review: Manic Pixie Dream Boy by K.A. Merikan

Dusk. Leader of The Underdogs. Destined for greatness. Lives in the now. Abe. AKA Lolly. Iridescent. Unicorn.

All Dusk wants out of life is for his band to become world famous. He also wants to have a lot of fun along the way. And to get his rocks off. When he wants something, he goes for it, consequences be damned.

So when he sees a gorgeous pink-haired guy who is the human equivalent of tattooed cotton candy, he can’t help but have a taste. But it’s when Lolly ends up on their tour bus that Dusk knows their meeting was destiny.

Abe is the kind of guy who goes with the flow. He was hitchhiking anyway, so why not spend the week with a hot piece of rocker beefcake, getting smothered by his sexy long hair? And why not play the part of the supportive cutie while he’s at it? It’s not like he’d be sticking around for long anyway.

All plans hit a wall when photos of Abe and Dusk emerge online, suddenly pushing the band into the spotlight. To take advantage of the sudden popularity, the band offers Abe money for staying.

Which means money for being in a fake relationship with Dusk.

Which isn’t even fake.

Or is it?

Dani's rating:

The first time Dusk sees Abe, Abe has his pink hair in braids and is sucking a lollipop. Dusk thinks he's gone to heaven and seen a gay unicorn. Abe is delicious, and Dusk has to have him. And have him he does.

Forget the slow burn. The attraction between the MCs is immediate; by page 3, they are screwing in a gas station bathroom. They go at it so hard, they break the sink and the pipe connected to the sink, which is how Abe (Lolly to Dusk) ends up on Dusk's band tour bus well & truly fucked and soaked to the bone.

The MCs are in their 20s, but they act younger. They are both spontaneous and don't talk much about the future. They don't talk much, period. Dusk adores Lolly, but he sometimes pushes ahead without thinking and hurts Lolly in the process.

Despite the dual third-person POV, Lolly remained an enigma. He's not all cotton candy and Disney charm bracelets. He has an edge and seems to give up on the relationship before it even begins. I really hated how Lolly treated Dusk at the end.

I needed a stronger resolution, an actual conversation, before the HEA. As such, the ending fell flat; I wasn't nearly as happy about these two staying together as I should have been.

However, I really liked the other Underdogs, especially Dawn, Dusk's younger brother who's the songwriter and behind-the-scenes producer; he's much too shy to be on stage performing. I would read his story yesterday.

I love K.A. Merikan's fluffy books, and Manic Pixie Dream Boy is low on the angst, high on the sex.

I should have gone gaga over this story, but I ... well, I didn't dislike it, but there was something missing. The MCs lacked depth, and the chemistry was all on the surface. I just wasn't feeling that OOMPH.

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