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Blogtour: Crimson Storm (The Crimson Nights Saga) by V.L Moon & J.T Cheyanne


Title: Crimson Storm (Book Three in The Crimson Nights Saga)

Authors: V.L. Moon and J.T. Cheyanne

Genre/s: Gay, Romance, Paranormal

Length: 155K/658 Kindle pages

ISBN: 978-0-9899725-6-7


As their allies grow and their circle of friends discovers true love, their enemies advance.

Shadows watch, waiting in the distance as an age old power threatens to reveal the secrets of a past steeped in sorrow.

War is upon them and with its advance comes a force of unity bound by love and sealed by blood.

Together, Malachi and Laziel fight to protect those they hold close.

When Rome trembles and the bowels of Hell spew forth its spawn, the wolves and the rogue Nephilim join forces with Malachi Denali and his vampires to fight against evil and tip the scales in favor of the just.

Fractions divide, lives lay in ruin. Is the call of the wild their only hope of survival?

Or will Rome finally fall under the weight of an angel’s untold grief?

Read on to assuage your thirst as the Crimson Nights Saga continues.  

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For all of his fear and nervousness, the tiny Nephilim beside him stood tall with his
shoulders back. His courage and pride were admirable. In many ways, he reminded Arial of Clariel and the bravery he’d shown in his last few moments of his too short life. Pushing back at the sorrow in his heart, Arial smiled down at the Nephilim in a bid to offer the injured male some moral support. However, the male was fully engrossed in Arial’s wings and failed to notice.

A soft ruffle of feathers had the male’s leaf green eyes as wide as saucers. Arial teased,
lifting the tip of his wings to touch the male’s face. A broad smile sent a soft ray of light spilling through Laziel’s private chapel. It seemed the young Nephilim had a few celestial traits of his own; one of them being the angelic life force presently lighting up the room.

“Gabriel. Your name, it’s Gabriel?” Laziel appeared, drifting into form from shadow. His
braided hair fell between six translucent, impressive wings. The feathers gave off a subtle
kaleidoscope of color when they moved. He strode into the room dressed in nothing but a pair of tight fitting leathers and a huge ass grin. Tears welled in the opaque depths of his eyes. He closed the gap between them fast. Clutching Arial in a tight embrace, he buried his face in the crook of Arial’s neck.

“Brother, as glorious as ever. I knew that demon would prove himself, eventually. Glad to
have you back.” Arial had never been the hearts and hugs type, but he didn’t mind or shy away from Laz’s touch. His soft hands ran over the mounts of Arial's wings and stroked over the array of soft sensitive plumage. “You’re like the glorious sunset at dusk. All bright and shiny. Bastian is a very lucky male.” A broad smile, a press of heads and then Laziel stepped back to address the Nephilim at his side.

“Gabriel.” Laziel lowered himself onto the floor and held out his hand. The Nephilim
faltered, his nerves getting the better of him.

“Laziel is Seraphim. The only one of his kind. He is the beloved of the king and my oldest
friend. I trust him with my life. There is no cause for fear. You’re safe here; no one will harm you.” Arial inclined his head toward Laziel who was thankfully playing nice and keeping his usual potty mouth well under control.

“Do you know the meaning behind your name or where it originates?” Laziel eased the
trembling male into his arms and smiled. Jasmine scented the air as a wash of light grew
around the room.

“I was never allowed to utter my true name. Onoskelis forbade it. How do you know of it?
What does it mean?” Gabriel’s voice trembled.

Laziel stroked the small male’s hair. He looked like a child in the arms of his father. Arial’s
breath shuddered and his heart gave a sudden lurch.

“Gabriel is the archangel who gave the news of our Creator’s birth. He presides over the
Heavens above. He is an angel of joy and life, truth, dreams, and judgment. He is honorable and mighty, as well as loving and beautiful. You hold the grace of his celestial light. Never again shall you be inhibited by the shame of my mother’s sin. Wear your name with the pride it deserves my young friend,” Arial whispered as he undid the clasp holding down the broken appendages of Gabriel’s wings.

“Fear not, Gabriel. Relax and breathe. Arial will be right here next to you.” Laziel wrapped his arms around Gabriel’s body and closed his eyes as his wings followed suit. The scent of jasmine grew stronger, filling the room. Arial wasn’t sure if the floral scent belonged to Laziel or Gabriel. It grew with a pulse of light infusing them together.

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Meet the Authors

Multi-genre romance and fiction writing duo V.L Moon and J.T Cheyanne span a continental divide to bring together their love, support, and admiration for the LGBT communities they belong to.

With their ever growing families’ support, they make the most of what little time they have to write the love, angst, and turmoil that hopefully reflects the struggle that is, modern day life.


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