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ARC Review: Scorpio Hates Virgo by Anyta Sunday

Scorpio Hates Virgo (Signs of Love, #2)
This year is all about healing the heart, Scorpio. It’s time to leave negative attitudes and stoic facades at the door and let others see the real, more vulnerable you.

Percy Freedman is not grieving. Absolutely not, take that back at once. No, he’s entirely sure that selling his dead aunt’s home and leaving the neighbors he’s known for years is the sane thing to do. Who in their right mind would keep the house that smells like all the hugs he’ll never have again?

Nobody, that’s who.

Well, except his cul-de-sac neighbors. They all seem to think some paint and new furniture will clean the emotional slate. They all want him to stay.

Even his nemesis, Callaghan Glover.

Especially his nemesis, Callaghan Glover.

Lured into a game of Sherlock Gnomes, Percy finds himself hanging out with his neighbors more than might be considered healthy. Along with juggling new and surprising verbal grenades from Cal, and his burgeoning friendship with Gnomber9, Percy is starting to wonder if selling might have been the grief talking after all . . .

That’s right, Scorpio. With a little patience, heartbreak might be a thing of the past . . .

* ~* ~* ~*

“Scorpio Hates Virgo” contains sarcasm, sexual content, a slightly sappy HEA, and an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.It can be read as a standalone.

Themes: friends-to-lovers, slow burnGenre: New Adult, light-hearted contemporary gay romance

Jewel's rating:

​I swear, no one writes adorkably oblivious characters, like Anyta Sunday. Scorpio Hates Virgo is another winner in ​Anyta Sunday's Signs of Love series. Scorpio Hates Virgo stands alone just fine, as well, with the MCs from Leo Loves Aries only getting a little page time and it is fully explained who they are. But, truthfully, I would heartily recommend reading Leo Loves Aries regardless.​ It was fabulous.​

​Percy​​ is our resident adorkably oblivious character in Scorpio Hates Virgo. He likes to pretend that his feelings for his "nemesis"​, Cal,​ are those of animosity. He tells himself that he doesn't really like Cal, because cal is straight and that could only end badly. ​But the heart wants what it wants and ​Percy, Percy, Percy, you are not terribly observant. Percy has come back to the Twin Cities, so he says, only so he can get his late-Aunt's house in order so he can sell it. But the neighborhood is very close-knit, and they aren't ready to get to know someone new. So, Operation-Get-Percy-to-Come-to-His-Senses ensues and it's all fun and games.

​Cal has been in college for ​​Jurassic Park studies his Paleontology masters​, but moved back home to help his family after his father left. ​Cal is ​also ​Percy's nemesis. The only difference is that Cal doesn't see Percy that way, at all​, and never really has​. It was obvious, to anyone with eyes, that Cal cared for Percy. Maybe Cal didn't realize, until recently, how deep that caring went, but still, Cal was smitten. He shows his caring in his every action, and always has, but Percy keeps up a frustrating distance​.

I absolutely love UST and I thought the build up here was delicious. However, I also think it peaked for too long, so the middle third of the book was kind of slow for me. ​Not dragging, but slow. ​I enjoyed it, still, but I did find myself, on more than one occasion, wishing they would just get on with it already. They finally did -- oh, happy day! -- and the last third of the book was back to delicious.

I rather adored Cal's protectiveness during the Zombie Appocolypse game and his jealousy regarding Percy's ex​, Josh​. It was so sweet how Cal's every thought was to make sure that Percy was ok. ​​Also ​I ​loved the chats between "Gnomber9" and "Gnomad" ... the whole "gnome" game was adorkably awesome.​ ​​So, in the end, I was smitten with this couple and I'm looking forward to book 3, which I can only suspect is Frank. Or maybe Josh ... or both. If it is Frank, he has some ​serious ​redeeming to do, because he was a total ass in this book. Sure, he was grieving, but even still, he wasn't likable for the page time he got. So we'll see what Anyta does if he is an MC for book 3.


ARC of Scorpio Hates Virgo was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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