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Book Review: And It Came to Pass by Laura Stone

And It Came to PassBlurb:
Adam Young is a devout, young Mormon following the pious path set forth for him by his church and family. But when his mission trajectory sends him to Barcelona, Spain, with a handsome mission companion named Brandon Christensen, Adam discovers there may be more to life and love than he ever expected.

Todd's rating:

Just to correctly set the right tone, I genuinely liked this story a lot, but...

So. Much. Fucking. Horseshit.

This story completely reminds me of how much I dislike formalized religion.

How it's used to control others. Make anyone possibly different more palatable to the masses. Forcing them to suppress themselves in order to make other people feel better, comfortable in their 'sameness,' no matter if others are miserable.

Nope. Fuck that shit, hated it.

(Sorry, I may have just a touch of hostility left over from being raised pretty strict Southern Baptist.)

For the first half or so of the book, there was a boat load of dogma and rules and guilt. So very much guilt. I'm not going to lie, I was thrilled when the story finally took a drastic turn into genuine feelings territory.

My very favorite part of this story was the exact part that I'd worried about the most. What would happen when they got caught, because you knew, as surely as the sun sets in the evening, that that was what was going to happen.

I loved both Adam and Brandon from the start; however, as the last half of the story unfolded, I felt genuinely proud of both of these amazing young men. Of how they opened themselves up to one another and grew. How they were true to one another. And to themselves. I know it sounds crazy to be proud of characters in a book, but well, there you have it, because I was.

If you're looking for a steamy read, this most definitely wasn't it. Even during the middle of 'explicit' scenes, the wording of the story left me confused as to whether anything sexual was actually happening or not. Spoiler. It was.

But the single most bizarre aspect of this story was that, while in the throes of passion, both characters had a tendency to start talking to the Heavenly Father. Right in the *middle* of getting busy.

I found that more than a little disturbing, with it coming across almost fetish-like. It wasn't, but sweet baby Jesus, it sure felt that way to me. Sorry, but if I'm sucking your junk, please, for the love of God, don't start having directed conversations with the man upstairs. That's just creepy, sorry. Eyes down here.

So if you're okay with sitting through a lot of religion and guilt, I felt that the payoff by the end was well worth the price of admission in this story and would rate it a solid 4.25 stars.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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