Monday, July 31, 2017

ARC Review: Arrows Through Archer by Nash Summers


Built from the bottom up: one perfect gentleman. 

After the loss of his parents, Archer Hart is consumed by grief. Each day, he struggles his way through classes, parties, and trying to put on a good front for the sake of his best friend. But at night, he falls asleep to the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears.

Mallory is a man fighting a war of emotions all his own. When his son invites his best friend back home to Banff over a college break, he’s happy for the company.

Some time during the late-night talks, subtle smiles, and long, long silences, the two men begin to find solace in one another.

But love isn’t always easy, especially when it strikes you straight through the heart.

Dani's rating:

Maybe if this universe of ours was different. Maybe if everything was different and the sky was the ocean and the clouds were the soil. Maybe if life hadn't engrained me with apprehension or uncertainty or a longing for some things I obviously could not have. Maybe then, we would've had words for each other.

Nash Summers' writing needs no accolades. It stands apart in stark beauty.

Arrows Through Archer is about love and loss, grief and loneliness; it's about being stuck and moving on.

I wasn't anticipating Mallory's actions. I wish he'd done more to seek out Archer versus waiting for chance (or fate?).

This isn't an easy romance; it's angsty and sad. Yet so many things about this story appealed to me:

- AGE GAP of 17 years that was at once everything (Mallory can't imagine building a life with his son's best friend) and nothing (Archer makes Mallory feel alive for the first time in forever)

- Archer and Mallory's friendship and the simmering SLOW BURN, which made their coming together so much more sensual

- emotional and physical comfort/healing (Mallory is as deeply wounded as Archer)

- a strong HEA, all the more satisfying because it wasn't easily earned (after all, 'tis dearness only that gives everything its value)

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