Sunday, June 18, 2017

Book Review: Booker's Song (Elements of Dragonis #1) by Hannah Walker

Booker's Song  (Elements of Dragonis, #1)Blurb:
Rillian Mascini is one of the most knowledgeable mages in the world. Spending his days and sometimes nights with his nose in a book has taught him magic and histories that few care to remember. He has a passion for dragons that pulls him to learn all he can about them, including their language. He is one of the last people left alive who can speak to the magnificent beasts.

Conwyn D'Aver is squad leader of the Dragon Riders. He will do whatever it takes to protect the dragons and people he has given his oath to serve. Nothing is more important, and when Neela, his personal dragon, is attacked, Conwyn is out for blood. He vows to find the threat and defeat it.

When an old spell book is found that gives a person the power to control all dragons, Conwyn will do anything he can to keep it from getting into the wrong hands, even if that means teaming up with the bookish Rillian to find a way to overcome the evil enemies who seek to gain the power.

Together with the dragons, the two men must find a way to protect everything they both love, but while doing so, they risk losing their own hearts to each other. As their enemies seek to destroy them, they learn that sometimes it takes love and trust to defeat the things we fear the most.

Todd's rating:

Despite the rather lackluster covers (both of them), I thoroughly enjoyed this story even more than I'd hoped I would.

Was it perfect? Definitely not.

A few things did tend to drive me crazy. Like use of the MC's pet names, "Frosty" and "Curls," and the use of internal monologuing as they fought against their developing feelings. I felt that both of these were extremely over-used and felt forced.

However, aside from a feeling that the book (pronounced "author") was trying too hard here and there, this story was so much fun and kept me smiling more often than not.

The intrigue surrounding Rill being spied on, who'd sent him the mysterious tome with the power to control dragons, and the very real threat of attack kept me extremely engaged.

Then there was the comradery between Con, his Dragon Rider unit and the dragons, with their banter and pranks, which I found very entertaining.

Basically, I never felt bored and was constantly dying to find out what was going to happen on the next page, in the next chapter, in the next book. That feeling never waned for even a moment and I *will* be reading book 2 next, mostly because I'm completely hooked and I'm itching for the story to continue.

So if you're looking for a story that is, at times, sappily cute and non-stop fun, you might also want to give this 4 star story of dragons and magic a read, too.

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