Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens Blog Tour

Readers and Writers for LGBT Chechens


You may have heard the news coming out of Chechnya, part of the Russian Federation, where police are kidnapping gay men (and those they perceive to be gay) and taking them to camps for torture. Several state-sanctioned murders have also been reported.

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens is a group of people raising money for organizations helping gay men and other persecuted LGBT people in Chechnya and the northern Caucasus.  We do this through direct donations, donating royalties to these charitable organizations, and an online auction to be held May 5–13.

Two authors explain why they got involved: Lisabet Sarai and Sarah Hadley Brook

Romance and erotica author Lisabet Sarai has donated two signed copies of her MM dystopian romance Quarantine to the auction. She said, “When I heard about the situation in Chechnya, and [Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens’] efforts to help, I signed up immediately. I am embarrassed to say that I had not been aware of what was going on. … I was horrified, not only by the actions of the Chechen authorities but also by the fact that so few people were publicizing these atrocities.”

She chose to participate by donating copies of Quarantine because the book’s plot “is scarily close to what's going on in Chechnya,” she added.” I hope readers will be generous in their bids. And even more I hope they will share information about the situation as widely as possible. The world should not close its eyes to these horrors.”

Sarah Hadley Brook, who donated an ebook of her MM baseball romance Caleb’s Choice to the auction, gave her perspective on why this issue is important to MM romance readers: “The reason I got involved is simple—nobody should ever have to fear for their life for being who they are. What is happening is barbaric, and it astounds me this is happening in this day and age. We need to show those men that we support them and will not stand by quietly and let this continue.”


Ways to Get Involved


Authors, Publishers and Artists

If you're an author or artist who would like help out, please sign up at Authors & Publishers for LGBT Chechens. There, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions about royalty donations, the charitable organizations that are helping LGBT Chechens, and more.

Thank you for reading! Please help if you can!

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