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ARC Review: Road to the Sun by Keira Andrews

Road to the SunBlurb:

A desperate father. A lonely ranger. Unexpected love that can’t be denied.

Jason Kellerman’s life revolves around his eight-year-old daughter. Teenage curiosity with his best friend led to Maggie’s birth, her mother tragically dying soon after. Insistent on raising his daughter himself, he was disowned by his wealthy family and has worked tirelessly to support Maggie—even bringing her west on a dream vacation. Only twenty-five, Jason hasn’t had time to even think about romance. So the last thing he expects is to question his sexuality after meeting an undeniably attractive park ranger.

Ben Hettler’s stuck. He loves working in the wild under Montana’s big sky, but at forty-one, his love life is non-existent, his ex-boyfriend just married and adopted, and Ben’s own dream of fatherhood feels impossibly out of reach. He’s attracted to Jason, but what’s the point? Besides the age difference and skittish Jason’s lack of experience, they live thousands of miles apart. Ben wants more than a meaningless fling.

Then a hunted criminal takes Maggie hostage, throwing Jason and Ben together in a desperate and dangerous search through endless miles of mountain forest. If they rescue Maggie against all odds, can they build a new family together and find a place to call home?

Road to the Sun is a May-December gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring adventure, angst, coming out, sexual discovery, and of course a happy ending.

Jewel's rating:

Second chances at life. At achieving your dreams. Of finding love and family. Keira Andrews has done it again. I truly enjoyed this May/September romance.

At 25, Jason Kellerman is too young to have an 8 year old daughter (everyone says so). He's also proof that determination and dedication can really go a long way in life. Jason comes from a wealthy family and should have had a successful future. But youthful curiosity with his best friend Amy resulted in Maggie being born when Jason was 17. That event changed the course of Jason's life in ways he could never have predicted. But Maggie is his world and I loved seeing him prove everyone wrong. Maggie is smart, outgoing and pretty much a force of nature. As much as I often don't care for kids in my books, I liked Maggie.

Ben Hettler is 41 and stuck in a part of his life he no longer wants. He loves being a park ranger, but he wants so much more out of life. And not having his cheating ex, who is also now his boss, flaunt his new husband and baby is at the top of the list. Ben wants a family of his own, but sees few prospects in the middle of nowhere Montana. Ben doesn't normally go for younger guys, but Jason is older than his years would suggest. And he's a really good father.

What I really loved about Road to the Sun was just how shy Jason was. He's never allowed himself to even contemplate being with another person. But with Ben, he can't seem to avoid thoughts of "what if"? He's never explored his sexuality -- he wouldn't even let himself think about it, at all. I hated his family for doing that to him. For making him feel like he wasn't allowed to have anything for himself. But once he gave himself permission to explore, he and Ben were all kinds of sexy.

And I also loved just how nurturing Ben was. He treated Jason like an equal and he was amazing with Maggie, never dismissing her or talking down to her. Ben could have been like everyone else and tried to tell Jason how to raise his daughter. Instead, Ben saw that Jason has done a truly amazing job on his own.

Their attraction to one another was a low hum for the first part of the book. Jason was finally considering something for himself when tragedy struck and Maggie was taken. And I don't even want to imagine what that would be like for a parent.

You learn what a person is really made of when awful things happen and Ben and Jason became a team. And, though Jason does some amazingly stupid things, he was a parent in a desperate situation, so I understood.

And a bond that started forming before tragedy struck, became stronger after it's resolution. It still took Jason a little while to figure out that he is allowed to reach for happiness, and he did run away before he figure out that he is really allowed to have something for himself. In fact, Maggie is the one that finally gets through to him (Go Maggie!) And it takes Ben a little while to figure out he doesn't have to stay in his rut, either. Once they get there, though? Their HEA really was truly beautiful.


ARC of Road to the Sun was generously provided by the author, via Signal Boost Promotions, in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This book sounds quite interesting. I'd love to see how the story develops, plus, not many books are based on age gaps.


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