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Blogtour: After The Snow by Lane Swift

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Title: After the Snow
Author: Lane Swift
Series: Michigan Seasons #2
Release Date: April 4th 2017
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance


To be that perfect someone doesn’t mean you have to be perfect…
Christmas is over, but Dale Hepburn is determined to show his new British love, Nick Harris, how much fun a Michigan winter can be, starting with outdoor ice skating lessons. His life would be perfect—if he wasn’t secretly trying to dig himself out of an avalanche of debt that he doesn’t want Nick to know about. After all, Nick believes Dale is reliable, sensible, and solvent.

But while Dale works extra hours, and saves every spare cent, and hopes Nick never finds out about his past financial mistakes, unforeseen expenses keep piling on like Michigan’s unrelenting snow. And to make matters worse, there’s that little white lie Dale told Nick about having another teaching job lined up after the end of his current contract…

An emotionally tense romance with a satisfying HFN

~54,000 words

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From Chapter 9:

During the slow drive along the freeway Nick talked about the meeting that had overrun, about where we were going to park, and about the weather in New York. The sun set ahead of us, turning the skyline a brilliant golden orange, and adding a touch of romance to the approaching evening. My cares melted away with the fading light.
‘You’re quiet,’ Nick said, turning in to the parking garage directly in front of the airport. ‘Are you all right? You’re not scared of flying or anything, are you? I didn’t think to ask.’
‘I’m fine.’
I was actually feeling refreshed; as if the farther I was from Ferndale, the less hold my worries had on my state of mind.
‘Good. I want you to relax this weekend and let me take care of everything.’
‘Well, maybe not everything. You’re welcome to do a bit of taking care of me later, once we get to the hotel.’
‘I thought so.’ I smiled smugly, contemplating the sachets of lubricant in my duffel (because I couldn’t pack a bottle in carry-on).
After we parked, and walked directly into the terminal down a long corridor, Nick navigated his way past the people milling about like a shark through still water.
‘I’ve already checked us in,’ he said over his shoulder, as I dolefully eyed the line at the Delta check-in desk.
We now only had to get through security. Unfortunately, that line was longer than the check-in line and had spilled far beyond the ropes. Nick seemed unfazed, though—I guessed because we had nearly two hours before our departure. He was probably used to waiting around, and could likely tell me exactly how long it would take us to get to airside.
‘Is it usually this busy?’ I hadn’t flown for years.
‘Not sure. I don’t usually fly out on a Friday afternoon. Maybe they had some cancellations.’
Nick walked straight past the snaking security line. Albeit confused, I followed, skirting the main security area to a small side entrance signposted Sky Priority—that had almost no line at all.
‘Have you got your ID?’ Nick said to me, removing what looked like a gold credit card from his wallet.
I took out my driver’s licence as Nick showed his card, passport, and the boarding passes to the security staff member. ‘This is my partner.’
The guy checked our documents, we went through the scanners, and a few minutes later we exited the security area airside. No wait, no fuss, no stress.
With plenty of time at our disposal before our gate opened, I imagined that the next thing we’d do was head to one of the many bars or caf├ęs in the terminal. But no!
‘Come on. This way,’ Nick said, striding purposefully toward a glass-fronted elevator.
‘Where are we going?’

‘The Delta business lounge.’
I had to admit, a wave of excitement bubbled up inside of me at that news. The business lounge. I had no idea what was in store, but that didn’t matter. I was about to get a glimpse into Nick’s world, a world populated by frequent travellers with gold cards and flashy luggage.
No. Not a glimpse. A taste.
The reception area to the lounge was opulent and serene: marble-clad walls, lush potted plants in front of a softly gurgling water feature, and a polished wood counter topped with a bowl of mints. Man, it was a different world up here above the hoi polloi.
Nick signed me in as his guest and I sauntered in behind him, shoulders back, trying my best to look like I hung out here every week. Tried, but likely failed. My eyes must have been as wide as saucers.
Everything in the business lounge was complimentary, including shower facilities. Nick ordered us drinks at the bar, and directed me to take a seat. ‘Relax, have some food. I’m going to the toilet. I’ll be back in a minute.’
‘Can I get you anything?’
‘Mm. I’m pretty hungry now I think of it. Don’t worry. I’ll grab myself something from the buffet on my way back.’

Nick disappeared around the corner, and I eased into a sumptuous leather seat with my vodka tonic and bag of peanuts. Around me, serious looking business travellers read their newspapers, charged their phones on wide armrests and sipped their dirty martinis with practised ease. I looked out the window, at the lights and the aeroplanes on the tarmac, a huge grin on my face.

Michigan Seasons Book One Title: More Than Christmas
Release Date: December 10th 2016
Genre: MM Contemporary Holiday Romance


Keeping life simple can be a complicated business.

High-flying young British executive, Nick Harris, knows exactly what he wants out of his two-year American assignment—a bigger salary, a promotion and some no-strings fun. How convenient then, that his gorgeous hunk of a next door neighbour, Dale Hepburn, is friendly, single and bisexual?

But Dale has had his fill of casual and he’s holding out for love that will last. Knowing that Nick’s stay in America is temporary, he welcomes him into his life as a friend; they train together in his garage gym, hang out and watch television, and dress up for the neighbourhood kids at Halloween.

Then the first snow falls, and with Christmas approaching and temperatures plummeting, Nick finds he increasingly yearns for the warmth of Dale’s arms—only he’s worried that pushing Dale for more heat in their relationship will land him outside in the cold.

Nick’s long-term future in America may not be certain, but if he wants a future with Dale, he must find a way to persuade him they can be more than Christmas.

A heartwarming romance with a satisfying HFN

~32,000 words 

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About the Author

Lane Swift profile picLane’s earliest attempts at fiction writing were sporadic, haphazard and utterly cringeworthy: a bit of maudlin poetry here, the odd short story there—and somewhere in between, half a dozen pages of a memoir that didn’t get beyond reminiscing over the untidy draw in her childhood kitchen.

Years and years later, after several career-changes, two children, and two international house moves, Lane arrived at a time and place in her life where she wanted to return to writing. Since then, it has become her passion; the one thing she wants to do for the rest of her life.

As far as reading goes, she enjoys many genres: science fiction, mystery, crimes, thrillers and horror. But there’s nothing she likes more than when those stories are driven by the power of true love. So, it was really no surprise that when she finally put her middle-aged fingers to the keyboard, she started writing romance.

Lane’s love stories feature diverse queer characters in the starring roles. She sometimes combines contemporary romance with mystery, suspense or paranormal, and always gives her heroes and heroines their hard-earned happy ending. She has books published with Less Than Three Press and Dreamspinner Press, as well as self-published titles.

Home is currently in Hampshire, on the south coast of England, and there are no plans to move for the foreseeable future. Eighteen house moves in the last twenty-five years is surely enough for anyone! And when she’s not writing or spending time with her family, Lane can often be found running on the local roads, trails and beaches.

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