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ARC Review: A Day Makes by Mary Calmes

From The Blurb:
Mob enforcer Ceaton Mercer has killed a lot of people in a lot of different ways - he stashed the last two bodies in a toolshed belonging to a sweetheart marine researcher in an idyllic island community - but he's really not such a bad guy. Over time he's found a home of sorts, and he even learns he's found a place in the hearts of the people he works least enough so that they won't put a bullet in his head because he's outlived his usefulness to the boss. 
But he never thought he'd find one day could change his life, and he's about to discover how wrong he is. 
Because in a single day, he meets the man who looks to be the one, the love of his life. It's an improbable idea - a man who deals in death finding love - but it's like it's meant to be. That single day gets weirder and troubles pile up, forcing Ceaton to take a hard look at his dreary life and accept that one day can change everything, especially himself. His future might be brighter than he expects - if he can stay alive long enough to find out.

Karen's rating:

I should probably start with what was wrong and what didn't work...but....Hello? 5 safe to assume nothing was wrong and everything worked in my world.

From the first scratch that...from the cover because have you looked at it? Seriously if that's Ceaton Mercer and I suspect it is. I'm with Brinley on this one. I'd jump him as soon as he was in the same room with me too...I mean really...damn that's nice...vary, vary nice...ok, back to the story.

'A Day Makes' is the story of Ceaton Mercer from the day that changed his life...the day he first met Grigor Jankovic to the day that his life took another drastic change...the day he met Brinley Todd and so much more.

I smiled with pure delight from start to finish with this story. I am totally and unrepentantly addicted to this author's books. Whatever is right or wrong about them I care not. I'm all about stories that I just fall into and enjoy and as always Mary Calmes has delivered in spades.

I admit it all that I care about is that I am entertained, I thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish, I love the characters and the banter that flows between them and the way this author can make me melt into a puddle of goo with just a couple of lines...
"you saved me, right?"
"I did, but--"
"I think I'm supposed to save you right back."
On a bit of a separate sidebar there was a reference to a character from another series that I love by another author that I also love and it's not the first time this has happened so I just thought I'd put it out there that if Ms. Calmes and Ms. Ford are even remotely considering a collaboration for a book or maybe even a series...well, can I just say I whole heartedly endorse this consideration.

I think I've always been a fan of over the top stories even when I was a child...I mean really...Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Tell me those stories are over the top and beyond. When was the last time anyone saw a pumpkin turn into a coach? or mice become footmen? glass slippers? See what I mean OTT it's a staple of the classics.


An ARC of 'A Day Makes' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.,13829518

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