Saturday, March 25, 2017

Book Review: Manny Makes Three by Sean Ashcroft

Manny Makes Three
Rule #1 of being a successful male nanny: do not fall in love with the straight, single father you were hired by.

Single father Mark doesn’t have enough hours in the day to both take care of his son, Dylan, and work his stressful marketing job by himself. Facing the prospect of having to leave Dylan with his aunt over the summer break, he realises that what he needs is a nanny.

Thankfully, Mannies Inc. have just the right guy for the job. Josh is qualified, good with kids, and more or less a human ray of sunshine. His resumé speaks for itself, and when he and Dylan hit it off, Mark knows he’s the perfect person to hire.

Mark’s never thought of himself as attracted to other men, but Josh is so warm and kind and good to him, not to mention amazing with Dylan. He finds himself drawn to the other man in a way he’s never experienced before, but he’s been alone for so long that he can’t bring himself to care. So what if he’s suddenly attracted to a man?

Josh is also struggling with his attraction to Mark, a man who represents everything he wants in life--stability, companionship, and a family of his own. He knows better than to believe that Mark would want him like that, but it’s so easy to dream…

Both men have already been hurt by love, but can they open their hearts again before their doubts tear them apart? Or will their worlds prove to be too different for them to be together?
Todd's rating:

Okay, confession time. One of my guilty pleasures has always been the au pair / manny trope.

Yes, I know the story will be incredibly sappy-sweet, with MC's that are just too perfect and loving to be true, but I still can't resist.

This is another such read, with 30 y.o. Mark, who'd suddenly lost his wife three years ago, leaving him to raise his young son, Dylan, then becoming overwhelmed and in need of major help.

After calling Mannies Inc., 27 y.o. Josh steps seamlessly into their lives and becomes the missing piece to the puzzle that is Mark and Dylan's happiness.

There's the usual slow build up to feelings, bonding with the kid and the reclaiming of lives taken over by long hours on the job and commuting, plus a jealous busy body looking to throw a wrench into their happiness, but not much conflict outside of that.

No, the book isn't going to cure cancer, but it is a light, fun and sticky-sweet story, if that's what you're looking for.

And speaking of sticky, It's moderately steamy, plus if you read the "Ten Years On" companion follow-up short, you'll also see just how far newly-bisexual Mark has come in the bedroom.

Overall, I'd rate this story at around 3.75 stars and recommend it, if you're looking for a few feel-good moments.

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