Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ARC Review: True Colors by Anyta Sunday

True Colors (True Love, #2)
From the blurb:

Oskar used to be Marco’s best friend. His everything. His sunshine yellow.

But that was before. Before Marco stopped being a hot jock. Before he learned to live with scars and pain. And before Oskar tore their friendship apart.

Now the boy next door has returned home, determined to rekindle his friendship with Marco, and Marco’s more afraid than ever. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of being humiliated.

Afraid of falling in love.

Can Oskar find a way through Marco’s fear, back into his heart?

Heather's rating:

Anyta Sunday is my go-to author for contemporary romance. She just writes the slow-burn romances that I like to read! She rarely lets me down, and she won me over again with True Colors.

True Colors is a second-chance romance between two friends whose friendship crumbled from a series of events that happened years ago. I love when there is a hurtful situation in the past and the two MCs have to get past it. I'm a sucker for bullies-to-lovers stories, and while this one isn't quite like that, there are major obstacles that these two MCs have to overcome.

I don't think it's a big spoiler to say that one of the MCs has some scarring that he is very self-conscious about. It's more or less in the blurb. Scarring is a topic near and dear to me, and while my facial scars from an accident have faded, I still have a soft spot for a scarred MC. There is something very vulnerable about having a scar; you feel exposed, flayed open, and ready for criticism. I related big time to Marco, the MC with the scars, and I REALLY wanted Oskar to grovel for forgiveness, perhaps even more than Marco did.

The story is a lovely slow burn. It takes its time and allows for the hurt to resolve naturally. I felt the attraction and chemistry, and I loved how it all unfolded. Oh, and we get a *virgin* MC... guys, you know how I go gaga for a virgin!

There is also a lot of family involvement in this story, just so readers know. I didn't mind, but some people might not like the amount of pagetime spent on issues with secondary characters.

The only thing I would change is the "color" aspect of the story. I found that to be a little gimmicky and unnecessary. In fact, it reminded me a little of rock, which is the only Anyta Sunday book that I haven't liked.

Overall, this book was nearly perfect. A little angsty, a little second chance romance, a little family-oriented, and they all came together to make for a wholly satisfying read.

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