Saturday, February 18, 2017

Book Review: Uncharted Waters by Jerry Cole

Uncharted Waters
Daniel Barton, a multiple Olympic medal-winning swimmer, always knew he wanted to go out on a high. Now, retired before the age of thirty, he’s a well-known face across the USA, has sponsorship deals coming out of his ears and more money than he could reasonably ever spend. There’s only one problem: he has no idea how to be a good boyfriend, and he’s pretty sure the fame is the reason why. He doesn’t ever mean to hurt people, but he’s struggled to keep up a serious relationship with anyone outside of his family and his team members. His best friend Aaron, still swimming for his country at the top level, seems like the only person in the world who understands Daniel most of the time. Daniel thought he knew everything about Aaron, too – until Aaron comes out as gay.

He isn’t out publicly. It shouldn’t be a big deal. But somehow, as Daniel navigates his new life with its new schedule and realizes that Aaron is the only constant in it, Aaron’s interest in men makes Daniel reconsider his own feelings. When they become sexually involved, it’s new in many ways. Daniel doesn’t dare put a label on it because he doesn’t know how Aaron feels and he doesn’t want to jinx it. If this got out, it could end Aaron’s career, and it isn’t worth it if it isn’t serious. But as time goes on, Daniel realizes it’s more than serious. It’s the most serious relationship he’s ever had. Can he overcome his own shortcomings and the scrutiny of the public if it means he and Aaron can be together?

Todd's rating:

Cute, sweet, adorable. Basically, all the fluffy words. 

With hot, Olympic swimmers. (Yum.)

is the best. An incredible book boyfriend, funny and all around great guy.

Daniel is... well, he's a bit of a hetero man whore, until he's not.

I have to be honest and say that his continual feelings of never being a good person, that cheating was an ingrained trait and inevitable, did get a bit grating toward the end.

But the story was mostly light, fun and slow-burn, of which I am definitely a huge fan.

The sex was pretty steamy, and the humor and banter were really on-point, so my interest never waned.

My only niggle, if I had to name one was that The Big Inevitable Confrontation at the end felt a bit forced. Rushed and oddly-timed. Then the story was over very quickly.

Yes, we got an epilogue from 3+ years later and they guys were still going strong, happily married even, but it still felt like someone was waiting in the wings making that "Wrap it up" hand motion a tad bit prematurely.

If there had been any cheating in this story, my rating would be vastly different, but as is, I'd rate this story as a solid 4 stars.

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