Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Review: nest by Anyta Sunday

This is a second edition of the novel "Lenny For Your Thoughts". This version of the story has been restructured into a chronological progression and some scenes have had heavy rewrites. At it's heart, though, it is the same story of love and romance between Lenny and Julian.
It just happened.
I wasn't ready, but it didn't matter.
You smiled, and it knocked me from my nest, took my breath away, and left me falling,
Julian: Enemy. Cousin. Best Friend. Something else?
Lenny: Confused. Fascinated. Frustrated. Broken.
Together, Julian and Lenny are the boy who smiles and the boy who falls.

Todd's rating:

As with pretty much all of Anyta's work, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Julian was first Lenny's cousin.

Then his bully.

Then his very best friend.

Then his first (and only) crush.

Then a huge piece of his world, entirely missing.

Then an awkward ex-friend, who he wanted nothing more than to avoid, other than possibly fully lose himself to.

From a childhood in the countryside to a life fully-realized on the outskirts of Berlin, this story travels the full spectrum of wants, desires, wishes and emotions between two young men, working toward a love that most on the outside would likely never accept.

I adored all of the supporting characters in this book. Ben, Oma, Carolin, Herr Koch. They all added so much depth and feeling to the story, I couldn't help but fall in love with them.

The main drama in the story surrounded Julian's bitter, homophobic mother, who knew exactly what 'could' happen and her working behind the scenes to ensure that 'she' didn't have to go through that embarrassment. Witness that taboo with her own eyes.

The story wasn't overly steamy, with only a few sex scenes; however, I didn't feel that the story would have benefitted from more, as they may have come across as nothing more than gratuitous enticements.

My only niggle is that, in addition to the numerous feels, I would have loved to have a more details of what happened during the several times when Julian was absent in the story. As invested as I was in him, I was literally dying for more of what he was going through during those absences.

This story felt a lot like my very favorite read from Anyta, "rock," but also unique. A somewhat similar setup, but a different vibe, I suppose.

Either way, this was a solid 4.25 star read and highly recommend it.

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