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Book Review: In The Absence of Light by Adrienne Wilder

In The Absence Of Light
For years Grant Kessler has smuggled goods from one end of the world to the next. When business turns in a direction Grant isn’t willing to follow he decides to retire and by all appearances he settles down in a nowhere town called Durstrand. But his real plan is to wait a few years and let the FBI lose interest, then move on to the distant coastal life he’s always dreamed of.

Severely autistic, Morgan cannot look people in the eye, tell left from right, and has uncontrolled tics. Yet he’s beaten every obstacle life has thrown his way. And when Grant Kessler moves into town Morgan isn’t a bit shy in letting the man know how much he wants him.

While the attraction is mutual, Grant pushes Morgan away. Like the rest of the world he can’t see past Morgan’s odd behaviors

Then Morgan shows Grant how light lets you see but it also leaves you blind. And once Grant opens his eyes, he loses his heart to the beautiful enigma of a man who changes the course of his life.

Todd's rating:

This story was truly an unexpected pleasure.

The romance and feels between 36 y.o. Grant and 24 y.o. Morgan were pretty on point. And the parts in the story showing Morgan that Grant *truly* saw the real person that he was, underneath his tics and often-odd behavior, were just so sweet and touching.

There was also plenty of humor, with autistic Morgan mentally besting 'better' men at several turns. God, the toothpicks and 'statue of liberty' bits had me rolling.

I kept thinking, "Oh goodie (rubs-hands-together), here it comes again. Is this person going to fall for Morgan's latest trick?," which was so much fun.

But Grant tended to give as well as Morgan, so they felt well-balanced, evenly-matched in all aspects of their relationship. Like two pieces of a puzzle, they just locked and that was that, no need for discussion. It just was.

The FBI and past smuggling parts of the story did help keep things lively, but if I'm being 100% honest, I could have done without most of those 'intrigue' parts of the book. Even when I was a little kid, I never had much interest in playing cops and robbers. It was just never my thing, so reading it (many) years later, is usually either a 'meh' or a 'nah' for me.

The sexy bits were pretty smoking and they began early on in the story, so if that's your thing, this story should make you pretty happy.

The one thing that I really wanted answered in significantly more detail was, "What *exactly* does 'the light' say to Morgan? What can he 'hear'?" Yes, he seems especially perceptive, but is it more than that? Toward the end of the story, it seems that he may actually possess some sort of clairvoyant ability. Or something. I just really wanted to know more there.

While reading the story and posting comments, I had several Goodreads friends mentioning that they were being tempted to re-read the story again. And after finishing the story, I can now see why. The book was truly a treat and I'd rate it a solid 4.25 stars.

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