Friday, February 3, 2017

ARC Review: Whiteout by Elyse Springer

Whiteout (Seasons of Love, #1)
From the blurb:

Noah Landers wakes up one day with a headache and no memory of where—or who—he is. Jason, the man taking care of him, tries to fill in some of the blanks: they’re in a cabin in Colorado on vacation, and Noah slipped on ice and hit his head. But even with amnesia, Noah knows Jason is leaving out something important.

Jason O’Reilly is sexy as hell, treats Noah like he’s precious, and seems determined to make this the romantic getaway they’d apparently dreamed of together. But Noah’s more concerned that he’s trapped alone with Jason in the middle of a blizzard while his slowly-returning memories bring hints of secrets and betrayal.

Noah’s not sure what’s the truth and what’s a lie. But as he learns who he is—and who Jason is to him—he’s forced to reevaluate everything he believes about himself, about loyalty . . . and about love.

Heather's rating:

The plot for this one seemed straight out of the romance trope handbook. I mean, another amnesia story? I have a weakness for them, of course, but I've read a TON of amnesia romance, especially in M/M. But newbie author, Elyse Springer, surprised me a bit with some twists and turns, which kept me on my toes.

I'm always wary with newbie authors. Sometimes I get some real gems, but other times I get burned, and I get burned BADLY. After reading thousands of romances, and nearly a thousand just in the M/M genre, I have little patience for bad books. I think Elyse Springer has some real potential up her sleeve. She didn't blow my mind with this book, but she proved herself to be a competent and interesting author.

The plot ended up being a little OTT; stranded, amnesia, and then a whole mess of drama and issues. I'm not usually a fan of convoluted plots, but there was something about this story that charmed me. I was predictably a little confused at the beginning, but once I cottoned on to the storyline, I was excited and along for the ride.

No spoilers here, but this isn't your typical amnesia book. Sure, it isn't going to make a favorites list for me, but I think this is a very worthwhile read and a great intro to a new author.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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