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ARC Review: Sound Proof by C. A. Blocke

From The Blurb:
When Chris is unceremoniously dumped by his longtime girlfriend, his best friend Thomas picks up the pieces and remind there's more to life than his lost relationship. In the process of letting go of a relationship that wasn't what he thought, Chris slowly comes to realize that everything he's ever wanted may have been right beneath his nose the whole time…

Karen's rating:

Chris is dumped by his partner of 6 years and let me just say...good thing. I was not a fan of her from the word go. Vanessa basically dumps him when they're out on a date so yes, out in public and of course it's all his fault. Sorry no, sweetie it takes two. I'm not saying he doesn't have a role in this but at least he's not the one who ends the relationship and announces their engagement to someone else on Facebook the same day.

That's cold and to add insult to injury she ends the relationship without coming clean about the fact that not only is she getting engaged that day but she's been cheating on him for at least a year, but it's Chris's fault? WTF? I think not. Ok that's all the time we're dedicating to Vanessa, I'm over and done with her. I want to discuss the important part of the story...the part where Chris moves on.

Now in case you haven't figured it out yet, Chris is bisexual and I wouldn't say he's in denial, but he's not totally comfortable with his attraction to men either and right now he's trying to get over being blindsided by 'she who shall no longer be named'. Enter Thomas, Chris's best friend who is gay, a bit older than Chris, slightly overweight and truly the kind of friend most of us hope for because while Thomas is in love with Chris, he's never acted on his feelings because Chris was in a relationship and right now he just wants to help him get back on his feel and move forward with his life. He doesn't want to take advantage of his friend while he's weak, he doesn't want to be Chris's rebound.

I loved how hard Thomas worked to just be Chris's friend, to not take advantage of him when he was vulnerable. Add to this that Thomas is pretty insecure about his looks not over the top, ridiculous insecure but realistically, I can believe this insecure.

Watching them go from friends to lovers as they both deal with their insecurities and just the awkward moments of a changing relationship as each person tries to get comfortable with the changes and what they mean. I liked that while Chris may not be fully out of the closet about his bisexuality, he wasn't so deeply entrenched in it that he refused to explore how he felt about Thomas nor did he try to deny that things were changing between them.

For a short story containing only about 50 pages I was impressed with the detail and the amount of emotion it contained.  The story started with the end of Vanessa and Chris's relationship and this was okay because I so did not need more of her, but I would have liked a bit more Chris and Thomas at the end after they were well and truly a couple. That would have made me a very happy girl.

I'm looking forward to seeing future stories from this author and who knows maybe somewhere in there I'll get to find out a bit more about this pair as well. I don't think I can call the ending a HEA but it's definitely a strong HFN with a lot of promise for that HEA.


An ARC of 'Sound Proof' was graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.,13817453

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