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Blogtour and Release Day Review: Whiteout by Elyse Springer

Please welcome Elyse Springer with 


Seasons Of Love #1 

Hello! I'm Elyse, and welcome to the blog tour for my new release, Whiteout! This is the first book in the Seasons of Love series, and I can't wait to introduce you to Noah and Jason.


Noah Landers wakes up one day with a headache and no memory of where—or who—he is. Jason, the man taking care of him, tries to fill in some of the blanks: they’re in a cabin in Colorado on vacation, and Noah slipped on ice and hit his head. But even with amnesia, Noah knows Jason is leaving out something important.

Jason O’Reilly is sexy as hell, treats Noah like he’s precious, and seems determined to make this the romantic getaway they’d apparently dreamed of together. But Noah’s more concerned that he’s trapped alone with Jason in the middle of a blizzard while his slowly returning memories bring hints of secrets and betrayal.

Noah’s not sure what’s the truth and what’s a lie. But as he learns who he is—and who Jason is to him—he’s forced to reevaluate everything he believes about himself, about loyalty . . . and about love.

Sandra's review:

My first book by this author (and her debut novel, to boot) was a complete success. ICYMI, when I finished the book and posted my final update, these were my words:

Wow. Also, WOW. I absolutely loved this. Complex characters, complex relationship, a FUBAR, and then... WOW. Y'all, get this as soon as you can.

Noah wakes up in a remote cabin in Colorado during a blizzard right around Christmas time, with no recollection of who he is or what he's doing there, and furthermore, no idea who the gentle, handsome man taking care of him is. The handsome man introduces himself as Jason and makes Noah feel safe. He only tells Noah that he slipped in the snow and hit his head, which explains the headache and bumps on his head as well as the amnesia.

Jason dotes on Noah during his recovery, but refuses to tell him much more than his name, claiming that he's been in touch with an ER doctor, who advised him not to plant any ideas in Noah's mind, and to let Noah remember on his own. Which should perhaps take a few days.

At first Noah seems okay with this, but then doubts set in, primarily after observing Jason hide what's being discussed during the phone calls with the doctor, and also because Noah catches Jason on more than one occasion looking super guilty.

As the memories come back slowly, Noah remembers Jason being loving and kind toward him, but also gets snippets of Jason acting in anger. And snippets of his mother and father, a tragic death, manic research in a library, and a best friend who doesn't call him Noah.

Eventually, it all comes flooding back, and I had one of the most massive surprises in my book-reading career. I seriously sat there with my mouth wide open, in complete shock as to what had just happened on page. Note the FUBAR comment above.

At this point, the book's 2nd part begins, and we find ourselves in NYC. I won't tell you much more than this because I don't want to spoil the experience, and I won't tell you how it ends either. Just remember, this is a romance.

Told entirely from Noah's POV, we don't get but glimpses of what makes Jason tick through Noah's eyes, but the author included enough of Jason on page to make me care about him just the same. I did have one small niggle, which I can't explain here, because it would be a spoiler, just suffice it to say that there has been some major loss in Jason's life, and how it was handled here was a bit too unrealistic for my taste. I suppose grief can manifest itself in a variety of forms, and everyone deals with grief differently, but Jason's characterization didn't quite gel with how his grief was handled here.

And yet, I absolutely loved this book. It has complex characters, a complex plotline, superb character growth, and the author made the characters work for what they ultimately achieve. Noah looks deeply inside himself and realizes what he's done, what he's lost, and what he wants - and then goes after what he wants as best as he knows how. He has help along the way, but the humility he displays, not only at his guilt and failures, but also his triumphs was extraordinary.

This is the first book in a 4-part series, with each book covering a season. I'm not yet sure how connected these books will be, but I will tell you that this book can be read as a standalone.

Definitely recommended!!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher via Netgalley. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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Q&A with Elyse Springer:

1. What inspires you? What gets you writing?

I get inspired by the most random things… dreams, conversations, people-watching while I’m in the city. I have an entire project based off of a terrible radio commercial I heard a few months ago for mattresses, of all things. (It involves vampires. No, it’s really better not to ask…)

2. What's your writing process? Seat of your pants, lots of sticky notes, complex spreadsheets? 

I am such a planner! I usually have at least three Word documents, plus notebooks, and a giant whiteboard to keep track of characters and plot points. I can’t write without a detailed timeline… especially for the “Seasons of Love” books, which each take place over a period of exactly three months.

3. Which character from your books is your favorite, and why?

The obvious answer would be Abby from Thaw, because I’m asexual and wrote her romance with my own dream relationship in mind. But really it’s Sara from Heat Wave… she’s kinda grumpy, totally kickass, sexy, adventurous, and crazy devoted to her friends. I think everyone needs a Sara in their lives!

4. Which character is your least favorite, and why?

Nooooo don’t make me choose! Can I pick the bad guy? Let’s go with Darren from Thaw, because he’s the bad guy and I really wanted to kick him every time I wrote a scene with him.

5. If you could go back into one of your books and change one thing, what would that be? And why?

So far all of my books are so recent (Whiteout is my first), so I don’t know that I want to change anything.

6. What's next for you? What amazing book are you working on? 

I have the next three books in the “Seasons of Love” series out this year: Thaw (asexual F/F, April), Heat Wave (bisexual F/F, July), and Changing Colors (M/M, October). Plus a NA sports romance about Olympic divers called Heels Over Head, which is out in May!

Next up will probably be a paranormal vampire romance (yes, the one inspired by the mattress commercial… no, you still don’t want to know, promise), and an M/F romance that I’ve been outlining for almost two years now.

Thank you!!

About the author:

Elyse is an author and world-traveler, whose unique life experiences have helped to shape the stories that she wants to tell. She writes romances with LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, and believes that every person deserves a Happily Ever After. When she’s not staring futilely at her computer screen, El spends her time adding stamps to her passport, catching up on her terrifying TBR list, and learning to be a better adult.

She’s always happy to chat with other readers, and you can find her online at:


To celebrate the release of Whiteout, one lucky winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on January 28, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

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  2. Hi, Miss Springer! It's me again, James! ;)

    Great review, Sandra! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what we're about to read. This book sounds really great! It's waiting in my kindle. *winks*

    Ugh! My fave part of blog tours, interview. *beams* I like how mundane your sources of inspiration are. It makes the book more natural & real. I like how you're organized too though I can't say the same thing for myself. I'm organized in my own way, I think? *chuckles*

    For some reason, when you were asked about your fave character, Emma Watson's beautiful face flashed in my mind. Is that fitting? ;)

    I can see why you would hate an a**hole character. :D

    I agree that you can't determine what changes or should I say improvements that have to be made on your novel since it's the first installment. The series is still in its early stages to do any of that, at least imo.

    WOW! You have your hands full, huh. Looking forward to read those. ^_^

    Thanks for coming by to My Fiction Nook, Miss Springer or can I call you Elyse?


    1. Thanks, James. I'm glad you liked the review. :)

  3. Thank you for the interview. The premise of the book sounds intriguing. Good luck with the release and your WIP. This sounds like a busy year for you =)
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    Going to go add Whiteout to my TBR list.


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