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Blogtour: Lovesick by Marina Ford

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Friday, 23 JanuaryThe cat funeral.Yeah, that happened today. I went and participated in—aided and abetted?—a cat funeral.
London life is tough on idealists. In an ideal world, after years of flirtation, Leo would be cosily settled down with Jack, his long-time crush. In an ideal world, Jack wouldn’t now be engaged to a woman. And in an ideal world, Leo would move on.

When handsome new neighbour Alex moves in opposite Leo, an opportunity to do so presents itself. But Alex is probably straight, working class, and poorer than Leo. While Jack’s engagement unravels, and Leo’s friendship with Alex deepens, will Leo manage to find happiness with the right man? Or will he succumb to his enemies: self-doubt, family expectations, and pride?

Told in diary form, this is both the story of a love triangle in London and the chronicle of a man’s struggles to confront his self-image and overcome his insecurity.

Hi, I’m Marina and I’m currently touring the blogosphere introducing my debut novel, a gay romantic comedy called “Lovesick.” I’m so excited to share it with everyone, and so I thought here I could reveal an exclusive excerpt to give you an idea of what Leo’s diary looks like. Enjoy!
Sunday, 24 January
I guess it was to be expected that I shouldn’t have a peaceful weekend after meeting the love of my life’s fiancée. It wasn’t too bad, though.
I spent all of yesterday marking papers and preparing for class, but today I decided I would not repeat my former mistake—no brooding at home and licking my wounds. I wanted to be out of the house. I’d be safe enough with my friends, since I always took really good care not to talk of Jack too much. So imagine my surprise when we finally got down to the pub, and I broke the news as smoothly and suavely as I could. “So, my friend Jack’s getting married.”
And they all burst out with “What!” and “Noooo!”
So yeah, I might not be as subtle as I think I am.
When I expressed my astonishment at their reaction, Amelia hooted and said, “Oh God, are you serious?”

Mark, her husband, shook his head at me. “I’m sorry, mate, but we all thought you were dating him, you know”—and here he did finger quotes—“secretly.”
When I indicated I was sure I’d never said a word to make them think there was anything between me and Jack, they burst out laughing.
Lucy said, “You know, you always talked of him with a goofy smile on your face.”
“And you kept shushing us that one time his dull show came on the telly!” Amelia added. She was getting loud. She is a large, boisterous woman.
“Yeah, guy looked like a prick,” Mark said. “No huge loss there.”
“Wow, thanks,” I said. “So here’s to my evening of not talking or thinking about him.”
At this, Lucy hit the table with her pint, spilling half her beer and shouting, “What? Mate, that’s not how you get over a guy. You know what they say. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone. You need to get yourself some mangina, love.”
“That sounds gross,” I said. “I’m pretty sure I was vaccinated against it.”
“Lucy’s totally right,” Amelia said. “No use moping about, like I know you love to do, locking yourself in and reading romantic poetry, and thinking about how… I don’t know… Tristan and Isolde is really about two men, or something.” How did she know?

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About the author:

Marina Ford is a thirty-year-old book addict, who would, if permitted, spend all of her time in bookstores, libraries, or in her own bed with stacks and stacks of books. Luckily, she has a husband and a dog who force her to interact with humans of planet Earth from time to time. In fact, she so enjoyed falling in love with her husband that she can’t resist evoking those same feelings in the love stories she creates in her head. She does not believe in love at first sight— but she does believe in Happy Ever After, though it must be earned. She likes her stories to be light and frothy, since real life can be miserable enough without making up more of it in fiction.

She lives in England, loves rain (gives one an excuse to stay at home and read books, right?), long walks (when it doesn’t rain), history, love stories, classical literature, pulpy literature, Jane Austen, languages, and dogs. It is her dream to one day possess an enormous country house in which each room is a library (okay, maybe except for the kitchen), and in which there are more dogs than people. A smaller and perhaps more realistic dream of hers is to make people smile with the things she writes.

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