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Audiobook Review: What Remains by Garrett Leigh

From The Blurb:
Web designer Jodi Peters is a solitary creature. Lunch twice a week with his ex-girlfriend-turned-BFF and the occasional messy venture to a dodgy gay bar is all the company he needs, right? 
Then one night he stumbles across newly divorced firefighter Rupert O’Neil. Rupert is lost and lonely, but just about the sweetest bloke Jodi has ever known. Add in the heady current between them, and Jodi can’t help falling hard in love. He offers Rupert a home within the walls of his cosy Tottenham flat—a sanctuary to nurture their own brand of family—and for four blissful years, life is never sweeter. 
Until a cruel twist of fate snatches it all away. A moment of distraction leaves Jodi fighting for a life he can’t remember and shatters Rupert’s heart. Jodi doesn’t know him—or want to. With little left of the man he adores, Rupert must cling to what remains of his shaky faith and pray that Jodi can learn to love him again.

Karen's rating:

I loved the book and listening to the audiobook...

has only reinforced how much and why I loved this book. I first read this book back in June 2016 when it was released and it simply amazed me. From start to finish I couldn't get enough so when the audiobook was available for release I got out my grabby hands, how could I not? The narrator was Craig Beck whom I became completely enamored with when I listened to 'Between Ghost'.

While there was one tiny niggle with this book, for me, it wasn't enough to spoil the listening experience and maybe it's a case of it's me but I have to admit when I was reading the book I liked Rupert's daughter, Indie. She struck me as a sweet and precocious little thing who adored her dad and his boyfriend in spite of living with a spiteful, witch of a mother who liked to spew venom at every opportunity. Unfortunately, I found that rather sweet and precocious Indie's voice was a little irritating and I was glad that she didn't have a larger role in the story than she did.

I've only encountered children's voices in  one or two other stories and they were with different narrators and I found them just as irritating if not you see...maybe it's me and in defense of all book narrators everywhere I really can't imagine doing the voice of a child to be anything less than challenging.

Children's voices aside I loved the audiobook for 'What Remains' and once again I was totally enamored by the narrator's voice.

If you want to see my original review for the book (it's a long one) here's the link...
Book Review: What Remains

Whether listening to the audiobook or reading for me 'What Remains' was a 5 star experience worth having.


An audio ARC of 'What Remains' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.,13781532

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