Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ARC Review: Prince of the Moon by Megan Derr

The Prince of the Moon
All Solae wants is to be accepted and loved by the family that has always rejected him. But given it was his late mother who cursed the kingdom to eternal winter, the chances of that happening are minimal. If he can find a way to break the curse, however, surely that would be enough to change their minds regarding him.

But Solae is forbidden to practice magic because of his mother, which limits his ability to pursue solutions. Desperate for advice and new ideas, he contacts a famous curse breaker—and has no idea what to do when the unexpectedly shows up, handsome and friendly and dangerously intriguing.

Todd's rating:

With getting to know a gentle prince, unofficially exiled to his tower by an uncaring family, being introduced to a handsome, scarred curse breaker, and experiencing the magic, both literal and figurative, between the two, the first half of this story kept me completely engaged.

However, the second half of the story felt much less compelling and somewhat predictable, which would have been fine, except that the ending just sort of fizzled for me.

Instead of the bad guys getting their comeuppance, the good guys (our heroic MC's) simply left, leaving the bad guys to enjoy the fruits of their labor, which I truly didn't find satisfying at all.

Also, the real story about the 'False Queen' was never fully revealed.

Did she cast a love spell on the King? Was she truly evil, a little evil, or not even the slightest bit evil? We're never told, as only the King knows for sure.

Or was the 'golden and glorious' King simply some asshole who burned his wife at the stake due to his own pride and fear of what his kingdom might think of him marrying a witch?

If the story had continued as it began, start to finish, this would have easily been a 4+ star read for me; however, with the somewhat blah ending and unanswered questions, it was about a 3-star story.

** My ARC copy of the story was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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