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ARC Review: Embers (Common Law, #2) by Kate Sherwood

Small town—big problems. Jericho Crewe is back in Mosely, Montana, trying to deal with police corruption, interfering feds, his newly discovered family members, and, of course, Wade Granger.

He doesn’t really need a biker war on top of it all, but as the bodies start to pile up, it becomes pretty clear that’s what he’s got. Not only that, but Wade’s involved somehow, and as soon as Wade is a part of something, things that seemed clear become cloudy.

With the feds breathing down his neck, Jericho has to find his way through Wade’s maze of half truths and manipulations. It would all be so much easier if Jericho could think straight in the other man’s presence. So much easier if their passionate past could be forgotten, and if he could be sure he’s strong enough to resist the temptation of a passionate present.

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In Embers, the second book in Kate Sherwood's Common Law series, Jericho Crew has decided to stay on, in Mosely, for a while to help Kayla investigate the corruption in her department. And since Jericho is on administrative leave from his job in Los Angeles, due to the events at the end of Long Shadows, he figures he might as well be useful, somewhere. Besides (and even though he'd never admit it aloud), you know a certain Wade Granger was part of Jericho's decision to stick around.

For such a small town, Mosley sure seems to have a lot of excitement. But of course, it is a border town and apparently some enterprising smugglers like that in a location. And while Jericho is supposed to be mainly combing through paper tails, he gets dragged into the fed's latest investigation. And everybody tries to play him for their own ends. Such is the life of Jericho Crewe.

This particular installment revolves around a local motorcycle club, the Mountaineers, and their dealings with a Chicago crime organization. Fun times in Mosely, MT.

And Wade Granger is still in the middle of everything. If it happens in town, chances are he either knows about it or is behind it, but the crafty bastard knows how to work around nosy feds and cops and the man loves a good game. I guess we all need hobbies.

As with Long Shadows, Embers is a suspense story. This series is not going to be for many of my friends because it is heavy on suspense and light on romance and steam, but I'm still enjoying it. And while there is more steam in this one than the last, don't think there is much, because is only one scene. Hot, but just one. But the UST is through the roof anytime Jericho and Wade get page time together.

I'm definitely looking forward to Darkness and seeing where the author takes Jericho and Wade.

“But while you’re living your righteous life, all respectable and proper? You should remember me. You should remember how it feels to have my hands on you, my mouth on you. You should remember me fucking you, and you fucking me, all the ways we took care of each other back when we were kids. You should ask yourself: if it was that perfect then, when we didn’t know what the hell we were doing, how much better would it be now?”

ARC of Embers was generously provided by the publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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