Saturday, December 24, 2016

ARC Review: Lane’s (Life According to Maps, #3) by Nash Summers

Maps doesn’t believe in growing up.

He believes in his experiments, Benji’s new driving skills, Perry’s knowledge of “adult things”, and his interstellar boyfriend, Lane.

Maps certainly doesn’t believe in graduating. And he especially doesn’t believe in his friends attending separate colleges.

Because if Maps believed in any of those things, it would mean he was growing up.

Jewel's rating:

Lane's is the third book in the Maps series. Read them in order, though, because you won't really "get" Maps, unless you do.

Maps. I'm not entirely sure he's human. Maybe his parents found an alien and tried to convince it that it actually was human. I mean Maps is kind of unreal, you know? Oh, I adore him to pieces. He is truly one of a kind.

So, it's senior year and Maps is being forced to think about things like university. And being Maps, he also wonders about other teenage things he hasn't experienced, like crashing parties, making a scene and making it to third base. Not that he knows what third base is, mind you, our Maps is just special that way.

But Maps has so much anxiety about the possibility of being separated from Benji and Lane and he handles it by not even thinking about it. Until he can't anymore. You see, Maps isn't ready to learn how to Adult yet. He likes the way things are and with high school coming to an end...he is forced to face another life phase filled with loads of uncertainty.

I adore this series. Maps is a special guy and Lane recognizes just how wonderful and unique Maps really is. Lane, whose adoration of Maps can be seen from space. Lane who has a plan. Lane who always comes through.

"And Maps was in love.
Pure. Simple. Love."

And his love was returned. I might have even shed a tear at the sweetness of the ending. Aww...Maps...


ARC of Lane's was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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