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ARC Review: Lane’s (Life According to Maps #3) by Nash Summers

Lane’s (Life According to Maps #3)
Maps doesn’t believe in growing up.

He believes in his experiments, Benji’s new driving skills, Perry’s knowledge of “adult things”, and his interstellar boyfriend, Lane.

Maps certainly doesn’t believe in graduating. And he especially doesn’t believe in his friends attending separate colleges.

Because if Maps believed in any of those things, it would mean he was growing up.

Todd's rating:

This book could have easily been re-titled, "Into the Mind of Maps: A Study in Severe Separation Anxiety."

Per Maps' usual, the way he approaches at his life, family, friends and dating a hot jock are nothing short of hilarious.

However, also per Maps' usual, he can't (or won't) communicate for shit about anything that actually matters. He could teach a master class in Avoidance 401.

When Maps thinks about the Big Life Changes that are on the horizon, he simply can't bring himself to face them head-on. Things like where does he want to go to college? How will he deal with the possibility of Benji, his best friend for forever, possibly attending a different college? And will Lane want to keep dating, even if that means long distance?

Yes, a lot of heavy stuff on a young man, for sure, but the majority of the book still felt light and fun, with Maps injecting his usual 'unique' brand of Maps-ness (Mapsnicity?) into every aspect of the story.

Every time I get an ARC from this series, I've always seem to have forgotten just how odd the way that Maps looks at the world truly is, but every single time, it makes me smile like an idiot from beginning to end.

I loved this series and hate to see it wrapping up, so I'm pray that maybe, just maybe, we'll get one more Maps book. Maybe something with Benji and Perry finally working out what's really going on with them.

As for this story, I absolutely adored the ending, where Maps and Lane sit in the dark and finally talk things out, deciding where their lives are going to lead after high school.

As in the previous books, there is no steam, as evidently these are the two least hormonal teenagers who have ever walked the face of the Earth, but that's perfectly fine. It seems to fit in regards to these stories and with Maps' innocent, often unrealistic, world view.

I'd rate this one a solid 4.25 stars, which would have easily been 5 stars, if only I had gotten more on-page time with both Maps and Lane present to help cement the true depth of their feelings in my mind.

My ARC copy of the story was provided by the author, in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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