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ARC Review: Falling Snow on Snow by Lou Sylvre

From The Blurb:
Beck Justice knows holiday sparkle and snappy carols only mask December’s cruel, black heart. He learned that lesson even before he landed on the streets eight years ago, and his recent step up to a tiny apartment and a busker’s permit for Seattle’s Pike Place Market has done nothing to change his mind. But one day in the market, Oleg Abramov joins his ethereal voice to Beck’s guitar, and Beck glimpses light in his bleak, dark winter. 
Oleg, lucky to have a large and loving family, believes Beck could be the man to fill the void that nevertheless remains in his life. The two men step out on a path toward love, but it proves as slippery as Seattle’s icy streets. Just when they get close, a misunderstanding shatters their hopes. Light and harmony are still within reach, but only if they choose to believe, risk their hearts, and trust.

Karen's rating:

I've read some really awesome holiday stories this year and now I'm adding another one to the list. Lou Sylvre's 'Falling Snow on Snow' was everything I look for in a story, holiday or not. It was about filling that space in your heart that longs for that one person...that special someone who loves you above all else, it was about finding faith, love, hope, compassion, forgiveness and ultimately a home.

Beck was 14 when his stepfather kicked him out. He's spent most of his life since then on the streets making a living as a busker playing his guitar at the local market. What starts out as just another day suddenly changes when Beck hears a voice singing along to his music...for Beck it's not just any voice, no this voice has the tone of an angel and he wants to see the person who that voice belongs to.

Oleg has the voice of an angel and a family. A big, loving, supportive Russian family what he doesn't have is a special someone and he keeps looking in all the wrong places for Mr. Right...until he sees Beck. But as in most cases the path to love is neither straight nor smooth. It takes a leap of faith for both of these men to find what they're looking for.

I started reading this one and could not put it down. I loved Lou Sylvre's 'Vasquez & James' series and this story is written with all of the emotional passion that I found in those books. Of course I wish there'd been more not because the story wasn't complete just simply because I loved it that much. I felt Beck's anger and frustrations with the path his life had taken but I also felt his hope and his strength as he took ownership of his mistakes and determined to have something have a chance at love and happiness with Oleg.

While this was by no means a light and fluffy story it was a story filled with hope and love. Ms Sylvre did this holiday gift up beautifully right down to the bow on the package (the cover). I was totally enchanted with this one and if I can only recommend one book this holiday season I'd have to say this is it. Thankfully I can recommend several others as well but right here, right now this is the one that I want you to notice. Happy Holidays!


An ARC of 'Falling Snow on Snow' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.,13776265

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