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ARC Review: A Bond of Truth (Sensual Bonds #2) by KC Wells

A Bond of Truth (Sensual Bonds, #2)
It is twenty years since the Bond of Three returned to Teruna. The kingdom of Kandor, once Teruna’s enemy, seeks help and sends its finest warrior, Dainon, on a diplomatic mission. A solitary man since his wife and child died, Dainon is unable to explain why an encounter with a young man on a beach rocks his world to its core.

Prince Arrio of Teruna has always been attracted to men but has never acted on it—until he meets Dainon. Headstrong Arrio goes after what he wants, despite his fathers’ advice. But when Prince Kei arrives unexpectedly, Arrio finds himself drawn to both men. Is history repeating itself?

Prince Kei has his first taste of freedom and is shocked when the visions that have plagued him since childhood become reality. The three men embark on a voyage of discovery. No one has foreseen the day, however, when the arrival of a stranger threatens to destroy their bond.

Todd's rating:

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, "A Bond of Three," and got much the same level of feel from this new book in the series for a little over half of the story.

Up until around 60%, the fact that I was falling in love with all 3 of the new MC's, combined with a heavy presence from so many beloved characters from book 1, left me enjoying every page and thrilled to see what was going to happen next.

But once the inevitable ' big separation ' was over, in my mind, that's when I internally heard, " The End ." Except that it wasn't.

During the last third of the book, there was a plot twist introduced, which threatened to once again separate Dainon, Arrio and Kei, possibly permanently.

I wasn't the biggest fan of where the story line went at that point, as I felt that the entire situation could have (and should have) been easily avoidable with only a small bit of common sense and a minimal amount of effort. After all, it was the life of a Prince at stake.

Lastly, once the trio began having sex, I don't know, it just felt sort of... 'porny' to me, unlike what I felt in the same situations in book 1, which I admittedly enjoyed more.

Overall, I'd have to say that the first two-thirds of the book were a 5 star read, but the last third was only 3 stars, so my overall rating would be just under 4 stars.

My ARC copy of the story was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.


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