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Spotlight: High School Reunion by Steve Milton

Today we shine the spotlight on Steve Milton and 

High School Reunion 

Collins Avenue Confidential #6


"It's been twenty years."

Steve has no interest in his high school reunion, until he remembers the one person who mattered to him back then: Mr. P, his senior-year English teacher. High school was rough for Steve, but Mr. P's class was an oasis. Listening to Mr. P had sent Steve to pursue writing, and staring at Mr. P's gorgeous face every morning made Steve come to terms with being gay. 
Twenty years after graduation, Steve is decidedly single in Key West, but he can't stop daydreaming about Mr. P -- and sneaking into his upcoming high school reunion is his chance to make daydreams into reality.

"Maybe I'm ready for this now."

David just got back into teaching after a long break. It wasn't easy being outed to his wife and his students. After being shamed and fired from his teaching job, he tried living a completely new life in New York, but he wanted to get back to Florida and back to teaching.

Suddenly meeting his former student is a jolt back to David's first days as a teacher, but can that former student can be his future?

High School Reunion is a standalone second-chances gay romance with a grumpy writer, a grumpier cat, literary discussions, old country music, Cuban coffee, and love hotter than the Key West sun.

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Who needs matchmakers anyway?

Alissa Bennett prides herself as the matchmaker to Miami's elite gay men. Her clients are the most desirable, and also, somewhat ironically, the most difficult to match. 

When Alissa left condo sales to start a gay matchmaking agency, everyone thought she was doing exactly the wrong thing. Everyone knew that the early 2000s real estate boom would keep going for ever and ever, that the buyers fighting for Miami condos would keep raising the bids higher and higher, and that matchmakers were a thing of the past, in the age of the internet and gay dating and hookup apps. 

Of course, "everyone" was spectacularly wrong. Not only has Alissa built a solid business for herself, better than what she could've managed in real estate after the crash, but she's had a steady flow of clients who need an experienced human matchmaker for the matches they wouldn't trust to Grindr or Craigslist.

In The Pilot and the Professor, a pilot tells Alissa that people nowadays mistakenly believe computers made pilots obsolete. Alissa knows that the internet hasn't made matchmaking obsolete. She's got a special touch, and she can find the common thread between two men who, if faced with a rote personality test, would seem to have nothing in common.

The series debuted with The Mechanic and the Surgeon, in which Alissa matched an arrogant, middle-aged ultra-alpha-male surgeon with her why, withdrawn, closeted nineteen-year-old BMW mechanic. Did they have anything in common on paper? Not really. Did they end up having anything in common after a few meetings? Yes. A lot.

Alissa is happy matching her gay male clients and friends to their dream men, and she sometimes mentions her own lack of luck in the dating world. Alissa's ex-boyfriends have had some roles in the stories. It hasn't been a major plot point so far, but future books may focus more on Alissa's own search for love.

The most recent book, High School Reunion, is a bit different from the others, in that Alissa is helping a friend find love, and is not engaged as a paid matchmaker. In fact, it's a frequent humorous point between Alissa and Steve that he is mooching free advice from her, without any intention of paying. Her skills are on-point as ever, even if in the beginning, she's pretty pessimistic about Steve's plan to reunite with his high school English teacher.

What's in Alissa's future? She's going to make a bad match. Everybody makes mistakes. And of course, even when we get unromantic lemons, we romance readers and writers can make sweet, sweet lemonade. 

Catch up with Alissa in High School Reunion and all six (soon to be seven) books in Collins Avenue Confidential. She's the best matchmaker and friend a lonely man could hope for.

About the author:

Steve Milton writes gay romances with sweet love, good humor, and hot sex. His stories tend toward the sweet and sexy, with not much angst and definitely no downers. Steve crafts feel-good stories with complex characters and interesting settings. He is a South Florida native, and when he's not writing, he likes cats, cars, music, and coffee.

You can sign up for Steve's weekly update email list.

He is happy to correspond with his readers one-on-one by email, whether about his books or about life in general. Email stevemiltonbooks@gmail.com.

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