Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ARC Review: Lunchtime Nibbles (Lunchtime Nibbles, #1) by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Lunchtime Nibbles Volume One

Two short, fiery stories with enough spice to satisfy the biggest carnal appetites.

* * * * *

Cheese and Pickle

Harvey and Greg work in the same office. Of course Harvey noticed Greg - who wouldn't notice the beardie hottie with muscles aplenty to silence even the noisiest team meeting? Then a home visit turns into a car-rocking tryst of spectacular proportions, and suddenly Tuesday lunchtimes become the highlight of Harvey's week.

But will a quickie with the recalcitrant Greg be enough, or will something more meaningful develop?

* * * * *

The Detonator

Featuring Tork and Adam from The Tork and Adam series

Adam is a sex god. At least, that's what he tells himself.

Tork is a green-haired mind-reader.

They haven't been together for long, but when Adam realises Tork's birthday is coming up, he knows he has to make this the best birthday ever. But what to buy someone like Tork? And how much to spend?

Every time Tork calls, Adam's knees turn to jelly, and he's not so much a sex god as a whimpering idiot.

Can Adam take control and make the birthday dinner perfect?

What happens when the kitchen sparks end up in the bedroom with Tork and Adam naked?

Cameo appearance by Dickens the cat.

Jewel's rating:

​Rumor has it, some little birdie chirped in the authors ears lamenting the lack of steam in their stories. I wonder who that birdie could have been? ​*cough​* Dani​ *cough​* Well, Lunchtime Nibbles certainly delivered! Though you might want to reconsider reading this one at the office, even on your lunch break , 'cause, *phew*, I am still fanning myself!

Cheese and Pickle
Harvey and Greg have been working together for over a year. Tuesday's have become the days they get out of the office for lunch...and a little something extra. The trouble is, Harvey doesn't know if they are friends with benefits or something more. He really wants the more. But how to actually approach Greg? It's pretty amazing when people have an easier time with sex than with words. People are weird. There was a bit near the end that about gave me a freakin' heart attack, but thankfully, that bit prompted our guys to have an actual conversation. Cheese and Pickle is a hot little story, that I quite enjoyed!

The Detonator
Tork and Adam! Love love LOVE them! And we finally get some smexytimes! Color me ecstatic :-)

​It's Tork's birthday, and I cannot tell you how much joy I got out of Adam freaking out. He tries hard to be cool as a cucumber, but when he loses his composure, it is a sight to behold! ​I loved this short and would gladly read more about Tork and Adam, with or without the smexy (though I thoroughly enjoyed the smexy!!).

Another winner by these fabulous authors!


ARC of Lunchtime Nibbles was generously provided by the authors, in exchange for an honest review.

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