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ARC Review: Daring Fate (Silver Tip Pack 1) by Megan Erickson

We all have tragic backstories in today's world. I wake up chained to the wall of a dark cell aware of two things: I failed my sister, and I smell my enemy. When I’m taken to meet Dare, the alpha of the Silver Tip pack, I’m sure I’m about to lose my throat. The last thing I expect is for the Alpha to recognize me as his fated mate. No way is he going to let me go now, and I still have to find a way to rescue my sister.
As I plot my escape to save her, I find that if I leave, Dare could be killed by power-hungry members of his pack. And now he’s more to me than my fated mate—my heart is involved. With time ticking by on my sister’s life, I have to make a choice I never thought I’d face—my sister’s life or my mate’s? That’s if I can survive the undead shifters intent on killing me first . . .

Dani's rating:

Set in a dystopian society where undead human/wolf hybrids roam the woods in packs looking for fresh prey, Daring Fate is gritty and sexy. If you're looking for cuddly wolves, keep walking. This book isn't light and fluffy; it's edgy and dark.

In this world, the human population has been decimated by a virus, and only werewolves, Weres, and Noweres (undead Weres) remain. Weres are much bigger and stronger than werewolves and, besides human and wolf, can take on a third shape: a sort of giant wolf standing upright.

Reese is a werewolf determined to save his two younger siblings from the cruel pack alpha who's kept them enslaved since they were children. But Reese's escape doesn't go according to plan. He’s forced to leave his younger sister, who’s in imminent danger, behind and finds himself at the mercy of the Were Silver Tip pack and their powerful alpha, Dare.

Dare has a reputation for being fierce. He’s an Alpha with a capital A: possessive, stoic, intrepid. But he’s a leader, not a monster, and the moment he meets Reese, he knows the werewolf is his fated mate.

Heat index: HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST. Reese and Dare devour each other. Dare is growly and toppy, but Reese gives as good as he gets. The sex is raw and animalistic. Reese can't get enough of Carr's smell, and Dare wants to be buried in Reese day and night. Frankly, I’m shocked my Kindle didn’t spontaneously combust.

The attraction may be immediate, but sex doesn’t equate trust and love. Dare wants to protect Reese, but Reese is having none of that. He’s keeping a secret from Dare, one that could shatter their relationship forever.

Daring Fate is intense and fast-paced. Werewolf and Were packs hide from the Noweres (think zombies, only bigger and scarier) behind stone walls. Dare runs a tight ship, but he’s not a dictator. He wants peace and stability for his pack. His scheming, vengeful cousin, however, has different ideas.

The secondary characters are amazingly well-sketched. Reese’s younger brother, Jude, is selfless and gentle but has the heart of a warrior. Jude’s protector, G, is quiet and unassuming; he would give up his life for Jude. Dare’s brother, Bay, is charming and funny, but not to be underestimated. There’s also Dare’s 5-year-old son, Mav, who adds levity to the story.

This book is about finding home when you least expect it and fighting for what's yours. It's about family and sacrifice. Passion. Vengeance. Danger. LOVE. It's all there.

Reese and Dare have to claw and fight for their HEA, and it's that much sweeter because of it.

I am beyond excited to read more books in this series!

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