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Release Blitz: Julio’s Wolf by A.C. Katt

Werewolves of Manhattan Book 6

Author Name: A.C. Katt
Book Name: Julio’s Wolf
Can be read as a stand alone
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Publisher: MLR Press
Cover Artist: Lex Valentine
Pages or Words: 203 pages
Categories: Paranormal, Contemporary, Urban Wolf Shifter, Gay

Can an independent, stubborn human beta make room in his life and heart for a hard-headed Alpha? 
Julio Reyes has had a hard life. Orphaned at fourteen, he ran away from a group home to avoid rape but wound up being an independent prostitute in NYC.  He has a life plan—go to school, become a stylist and open his own salon.

Etienne Daurensbourg is one-hundred and thirty-nine years old and fears he’ll never find his Mate until his friend Alexei introduces him to Julio. Julio is Etienne’s Mate but before he has a chance to court Julio, who is a human high beta and therefore stubborn and independent, Julio gets knifed and is forced to let Etienne provide him with a home and help to recover.

Pack problems arise that may force Etienne into the pit. Will Julio be able to love Etienne despite the fact he is a loup garou?

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A.C. Katt

AC Katt: AC didn’t discover her muse until she was older. She loves to write and now writes constantly. She just moved from New Mexico back to New Jersey with her husband and her naughty cat Bandit, who lives up to his name.

Where to find the author:

Twitter: @ackatt


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  1. Thanks so much for being part of Julio’s Wolf Release Blitz

  2. when is book5 Manhattan werewolves coming. I LOVE this series. by gloria


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