Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Heather's 2016 GRL Experience, Day 1

Welcome, everyone, to my blog posts detailing my debauchery and drunkenness... err... I mean, tales from GRL 2016! No children were harmed during my GRL adventures, but I can't claim that innocent bystanders weren't mildly emotionally traumatized.

Free GRL-related PTSD counseling will be provided by my sponsor, wine.

I am NOT a morning person, but I woke up at the inhuman hour of 4 am to catch a flight to St. Louis, MO! I arrived bleary-eyed and subdued (which is actually rare for me, as anyone who knows how bubbly I am can attest!). When I got to the hotel, I threw my bags in my room, grabbed some coffee, and booked it to the Supporting Author Book Signing.

Right away I spotted Avon Gale, who is my current author obsession! I am COMPLETELY fixated on her Scoring Chances series, and I babbled on and on about how much I love the audiobooks. I may have freaked her out a little, and that is saying a lot because she is the owner of a kick-ass skull dress!

I mean, that dress! I want! And, yes, my elbow cut-outs are intentional... blame H&M.
 Before I went up to the room to change and shower, I sighted two of my FAVORITE people to hang out with at GRL, Susan Lee and Edmond Manning. If you guys haven't had the privilege of talking to Edmond, you are missing out! Nicest guy, amazing author, and he can ROCK a wig like a pro (more on that in another blog post...).
Group selfie!!

After a quick clean up, I ran back down to gab some more (my favorite hobby!) with some of my author friends. I soon saw another target, I MEAN AUTHOR, to grab and force to pose with me!

Me and Jordan Castillo Price, wearing her hat!
And I also found Jordan Hawk! I LOVE her new Hexworld series!! LOVE!

I'm getting a little clingy over here... You can run but you can't hide!
And, of course, I had to get a picture with one of my favorite audiobook narrators and GRL buddies, Greg Tremblay! He kills it every time! You can listen to his work here.

Is it weird to love a man's voice so much? Get him to do accents for you if you ever run into him!
I also found Angel Martinez, who writes the very cool Offbeat Crimes series. I bought two of her paperbacks, my only purchases of the retreat!
SMILE! Do the glasses hide my tired face?
After hobnobbing for FAR too long, I went to Book Boyfriend Bingo with Z.A. Maxfield and Jordan L. Hawk! I got to learn some cool facts about their uber-popular book characters and try to win some awesome prizes. I didn't win anything (it was clearly RIGGED), but I had fun looking at the pictures of the good-looking men and hanging with my friends.
Setting up the prizes!
Oooo, Cicero is a hottie!
Selfie time!
Though there was "Grease" movie sing-along followed by a dance party, I was so wiped that I hit the hay. I needed to save up my strength for the rest of the weekend! And there is soooooo much more to come!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's wrap-up of day 2 of GRL 2016!!



  1. You get up at 4 a.m. and even after telling us your bleary eyed and subdued you still look adorable and perky. I am jealous, ok maybe envious is a better word. It was awesome to finally meet you.

  2. you look like you're having so much FUN *hides own jealousy*. I cannot wait for part 2.

  3. Thanks for sharing Heather! I'm officially envious now that I see you met Avon Gale! I hope to be in Denver with everyone next year. :)

  4. Thank you, Heather. Appreciate all the pics! Look forward to reading your posts for the other days.


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