Monday, October 24, 2016

Heather's 2016 GRL Experience, Coupon Edition!

You guys all know how much I ADORE deals and coupons! I made it my personal mission to sniff out any hot deals going on at GRL so I could share the loot with all of you! Here are some of the best deals that I found. You're going to love them!

First up, a FREEBIE from Jeff Adams

It is for Flipping For Him, and you can either scan the QR code or go to http:/ and enter in your email and the code: FFH2016. Good start!!

Next up is a freebie from P.D. Singer of the short story Set Up!

Here is another great one from Lyssa Dering

If you sign up at it sounds like you can get any free backlist title that you want!! Awesome! Check out her backlist here.

Here is another awesome deal from NineStar Press.

Go to their website here and check out their titles and enter in code "GRL50" and get 50% off either any book or your total order (not sure, comment below to let me know what you discovered!). SWEEEEEET DEAL!

Now, onto my two FAVORITE deals of GRL! This one is from  Harmony Ink Press

That's right, folks. ANY EBOOK, FREEEEEE! Music to my deal-finder ears! *booty shake dance*

Finally, just like last year, another AMAZING FREE AUDIOBOOK from Jordan Castillo Price!!

Just email JCP with the coupon code BAYNE to get the audiobook of your choice! If you already are a member of her email list, you don't have to do anything further! Everyone else, you may need to sign up for her emails before getting a code (but why wouldn't you want to get her emails!!). Sample her audiobooks here!

I hope you've all enjoyed my 2016 GRL coupon codes!! I tried SO hard to get deals for all of you lovely readers! Stay tuned for my wrap-ups of each day of the con. *spoiler alert- there will be booze, costumes, and MAYHEM*



  1. The NineStar Press code is for 50% off your whole order.

  2. Thanks so much for posting these! :D

  3. Ha, I should've known this post went live! My inbox is happy. Thanks for sharing it, Heather! xoxo

  4. Thanks, Heather! It was great to meet you and I can't wait for your GRL roundup!

  5. Thank you! It looks like the P.D. Singer giveaway has ended, though :(

    1. I'd email and ask! The code was JUST put out for GRL, so it might be a mistake??

    2. Did you see Karen's post below? She said that PD Singer said to email her and she'd send copies!

  6. Thank you, Heather, for looking out for all of us. :-)

  7. Hey everyone I e-mailed P.D. Singer and she's already gotten back to me and states that this was not suppose to happen and she asked what format I yeah, awesome authors are awesome.

  8. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing! :)

  9. Thank you Heather for posting the coupons.

  10. Thank you, used the Harmony Press coupon


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