Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Review: Unsafe Exposure by Kaje Harper

Unsafe Exposure (Hidden Wolves, #4)
From the blurb:

Stepping out of the closet as a gay man may be a walk in the park, compared to coming out as a werewolf.

From the moment artist Dylan Shore arrives in Chicago, his life gets twisted like a kaleidoscope. Why does a street gang he's never met before want him dead? Why is a hot but odd mathematician stalking him? And how can half the things Alex Corwin says possibly be true, no matter how honest he seems?

Alex has a frightening dilemma. Dylan is attractive, appealing, out and proud. He's also completely unaware that he's a werewolf. It shouldn't be Alex's job to tell him, and warn him that gay wolves usually end up dead. But someone has to, before he finds out in blood and violence.

Chicago's not Alex's home town, but somehow he needs to protect Dylan from the local packs, protect the Packs from being outed by Dylan, and keep his cool around the first man to touch his own deeply-closeted heart.

Heather's rating:

I always say this, but Kaje Harper is an amazing writer. I've read nearly everything that she has published, and I always put her on my list of top ten favorite authors. She is so consistent with me that I'll buy one of her books without even a second thought. I'm come to expect greatness from her, and, bottom line, this book delivers.

Some books work well as stand-alones, but I think you should read this series in order. While each couple's story can be told by itself, the plot elements of the shifter world and its politics build on each other, and everything comes to a head in this story. In fact, this book is all about politics in the werewolf world, and while there is a strong romance, the plot was a lot more action and adventure than I was anticipating. That isn't a bad thing, I just had to shift my mindset.

Unsafe Exposure is a little bit of a coming-out story, a little bit of a first-love story, and a little bit of a "Holy crap, I'm a werewolf!" story. I actually love stories where people discover something about their nature for the first time, so I liked the anticipation of having Dylan find out about his wolfy status. Mostly, this book was everything that the previous books were leading up to, and I found that this book advanced the werewolf politics plot-line the most out of any book so far. The romance was slow-build, but also fast-paced, if that makes sense. There was a lot of intimacy there from the beginning, as there is in many romantic suspense stories where two MCs are thrown together from the start in an intense situation.

As usual, I loved Kaje Harper's writing. She is a master with words, and though some might find her books to be on the long side, I always think that she writes books that are the perfect length. The plot didn't drag at all.

This book was more of what this author does best. While the couple wasn't my favorite in the series (my number one is still Unacceptable Risk), and this wasn't the sexiest book in the series, it was another solid book that really delivered. Fans of this series won't be disappointed.

*Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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