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Blogtour: One Pulse Charity Anthology - Feature for Asking For Trouble by M.T. Aspen

Please say hello to M.T. Aspen who wrote 

Asking For Trouble 

for the Dreamspinner Press ONE PULSE Charity Anthology 

Monday June 13, 2016

Dear Authors, we are seeking positive stories that show how love triumphs over any obstacles.
All proceeds of the Love Wins Anthologies will benefit the victims and families of the Orlando shooting.
Dreamspinner Press

July 15, 2016

Dearest Dreamspinner,

Do please forgive my informal address, but I feel I already know you better than perhaps I strictly ought. Though we are formally acquainted through only a single short story, I already find myself so very in tune with your way of thinking. Your charitable efforts in regard to Orlando have recently captured all my attention. Truly, I would much rather type than nod through morning calls, or curl up with one of your volumes than dance away any given night.

Though it may give both of us cause to blush, you must allow me my plain speech. For in this, as in all the best relationships, we must stand true in one another’s eyes. Love demands no less.

I thank you with all my heart for favoring my story, Asking for Trouble. I am proud and humbled to add to the One Pulse anthology.

M.T. Aspen

September 29, 2016

Dear Everyone at, and Readers of, My Fiction Nook,

Thank you so much for featuring, and (hopefully) checking out, the One Pulse anthology. I’m feeling more than a little bit nervous at being asked to represent my peers here. (You should see the typos currently flying as I type because of this. That way lies hilarious entertainment for anyone who has ever glared or laughed at an auto-correct before in turn true-correct [ing] it.)

The anthology is, as it should be, diverse. We have family, we have friends turned lovers, we have angels and demons. We have weddings, tragedy, and communities pulling together. We have magic, long lost lovers, and cicadas (don’t ask, just read). We have pride parades, ranchers, and shifters. We have the most devoted of courtships, space opera, and even King Arthur.

I promise you that we in fact have even more than that, and I truly hope (and believe) that One Pulse will not only satisfy readers on many levels, but become a cherished reread for all of you as well.

The ménage à trois of lesbians who inhabit Asking for Trouble are here to stand for both impossible love and the children who would not exist, or would not grow up in loving homes, in the absence of that love.

Because love is about family. Whether you are a family of just two or of many. Whether you count yourself a member of one family or a dozen. No family comes into being, nor continues to exist, without love.

And for so long we have done not only ourselves but, much more gravely, also our children an injustice by teaching them to believe in the narrowest possible definition of family. Neither gender nor sexual orientation have anything to do with family. Family is about love.



Listen and you can hear it.



One Pulse.


Stories drive life. Sometimes life is good; sometimes life is bad. But it’s the nature of our community that in the aftermath of an act of hatred, we respond with love. Because darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Cruelty cannot stand against compassion. Negativity will never overcome hope.

To show our support for those affected by the Orlando shooting, our authors, editors, artists, and staff have volunteered their talents to create this anthology. All proceeds will be donated to LGBT organizations in central Florida. Join us as we celebrate the triumph of love over every obstacle.

Asking for Trouble by M.T. Aspen

Dancers Mel and Bree are young when they fall in love, though time and tragedy pull them apart. When Mel finds new happiness with pop princess Annie, a link is also forged with Bree, because each of them loves Mel and is sure she can never have her. Finding a solution isn't simple, but family and love trump fear and hate every time.

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Jayce Ellis—Dance
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John Amory—Happy Pride
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Renee Stevens—More Than a Pact
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Andrea Speed—Pride
Laura Lascarso—Pull
Lila Leigh Hunter—Raffled Kiss
Emery C. Walters—Ranch Dressing
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Sera Kane—The Stag's Bane
KC Burn—The Tithe
Vicktor Alexander—The Wooing of the Marqués de Sierra de Outes
Edmond Manning—They Danced

Excerpt from Asking for Trouble:

The nursery, and the many things which should or should not be added to the room, had provided some surprisingly contentious moments through the months as things had cropped up, books had been read, and practical experience was taken into account.
However, once the ideal bassinet was cradling their perfect baby boy on his first night at home, the mere things surrounding them shrank in importance. What did anything else matter when they could barely take their eyes off him?
Except, perhaps, for one very specific and not previously agreed-upon choice that had been made.
“What were we thinking?” Bree breathed.
“That Annie was the one going through labor.” Mel’s hushed voice did nothing to conceal her amusement.
“She named our child Victor Frankenstein. She signed the certificate. It’s now a legal proceeding to change it.”
“We’re not changing it. It’s literary. Oh, he’s yawning.” Mel slapped at Bree’s arm. “Quick, picture.”
Bree obediently focused her phone on the baby but hit Start for a video so Annie could get the full effect when she woke up. Their son’s yawn was undoubtedly mighty. “He could grow into Victor,” Bree said quietly.
Mel pulled Bree’s arms around her and settled into the embrace. “He’s Vic, at least for now. And he’s utterly amazing. He can grow up to do, or be, anything he wants.”

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About M.T. Aspen:

Melanie is a nomadic writer who spends most of her time in very beautiful cities while perversely staring steadily at her computer each day. Sometimes she walks around listening to music and letting the stories unspool. She loves museums and learning new things. She also enjoys Twitter more than she should and really misses having cats around. So anyone reading this is urged to immediately proceed to Twitter and #kittybomb her @typeroftales.


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