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ARC Review: The Butch and the Beautiful by Kris Ripper

The Butch and the Beautiful  (Queers of La Vista, #2)
From the blurb:

Jaq Cummings is a high school teacher who really wants a committed relationship—as long as it doesn’t keep her out late on school nights or interrupt Sunday mass with her dad. She is absolutely not about to fall for the hot-mess divorcée she hooks up with even if said hot mess pushes all her buttons. Jaq’s white knight days are over.

But one hookup with Hannah becomes two, then coffee, then more incredibly hot sex. And unlike most of Jaq’s exes, Hannah’s not looking for someone to come on strong. In fact, Hannah comes on plenty strong enough for both of them. But she’s just out of a disastrous marriage, she’s in the process of moving across the state, and Jaq can’t take a chance on yet another relationship where she defaults to being a caregiver instead of a partner.

Just when Jaq decides her relationship with Hannah is far too precarious, a crisis with a student reminds her of her priorities and makes it clear that sometimes, you have to take big risks to get what you really want.

Heather's rating:

I don't read a lot of F/F, so I was REALLY pleased that I enjoyed this story. While it wasn't a perfect read for me, I liked the MC, Jaq, and found the sex to be REALLY hot!

After reading Gays of Our Lives, which I adored, I knew I had to have my hands on the entire series. While I was a little worried about reading outside my comfort zone (I think I have to skip the ménage book... just not my bag), I was excited to see how I would receive the diverse cast of characters.

The Butch and the Beautiful was a nice read, despite some issues that I'll explain as I go on. First of all, excuse me if I substitute the image of Jaq on the cover with my ultimate girl-crush, Shane McCutcheon. The things I would let that girl do to me... *growly voice*

Anyway, yeah, I had NO problem visualizing the sex in this story! So let's talk about sex first, since I seem to have that on the brain. I've read a few F/F books that were *meh* in the heat department in my book, but this was a different story. I really liked how the more femme girl was the dominant one, and how Hannah was so sexually confident. Dirty talking in general is a huge turn on for me, so I liked when Hannah was verbal and bossy. I also loved the butt play... what?! I'm just an ass-aficionado!

I also thought that Jaq was a nice, well-rounded character. We get to know her really well because we are only inside her head, so I felt like I connected with her a great deal. I liked how we got to see her insecurities and relationship trials. Hannah was another matter. First of all, I don't really get why everyone and their mother was calling Hannah cray-cray and saying that she was trouble. It didn't really make sense with what we saw from Hannah. Sure, she was sexual and going through a divorce, but I was expecting some bizarre, extreme behavior from her and we didn't get that. I wish I understood Hannah more, but I guess we as readers get what we get! Hannah started and finished the book as a little bit of a mystery to me, and I think we could have used some more insight as to what made her tick.

The plot was a little slow and a little too "after-school special," if I'm being honest. I don't want to sound too critical of stories that involve a lot of teenagers and their issues, especially the often underrepresented QUILTBAG teens, but I wanted more focus on Jaq and Hannah and less on teenagers finding themselves.

I think that this story had some good bones and some high notes, but it was an imperfect story for me. I am, however, still really looking forward to the rest of the series.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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