Saturday, September 17, 2016

ARC Review: 667 Ways to F*uck Up My Life by Lucy Woodhull

667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life
From the blurb:

Sometimes, there’s nowhere to go but f*ck up... 
If you love Broad City and Bridget Jones, you’ll adore Dagmar Kostopoulos…and her colossal fuck-ups. 
Twenty-something Dag has always been the ‘perfect’ woman. Responsible, honest to a fault, hard-working. Even her bras are no-nonsense. And for what? Her boyfriend dumps her for being boring, and her boss fires her for not sucking on his nether regions to get promoted. What’s a perfectionist overachiever to do? A complete one-eighty.
To heck with rules—Dag orchestrates a spectacular fall from grace by ruining her life exactly six-hundred-sixty-six times, and finally has a little naughty fun. Some scandalous Spandex and a few bar lies later, tame little Dagmar becomes Giselle, ballsy siren.
The wild thing is…it works! Dag gets a better job and meets the sexiest man she’s ever known. Well, Giselle meets him. Dagmar doesn’t exist. Except that she does, and her escapades just became a ticking time bomb, one that might blow her heart to smithereens. 
Join Dag for her irresistible and hilarious fuck-ups, because every good girl needs to inject a little bad girl sizzle into her veins.

Heather's rating:

A cute, humorous chick-lit read that I grew to enjoy more and more over time.

There is a certain style that I associate with chick-lit books, and I bet many of you know what I mean. Often, I see sort of over-the-top antics and a female MC who stumbles time and time again in her quest to rediscover herself, her female friendships, and find love. Exhibit A: Bridget Jones's Diary. This book is in that style, but I was surprised to find a little more substance buried underneath.

I'm not really a chick-lit reader, but I'll pick one up from time to time. I expected it to be sort of... vapid, to be honest. I was surprised, first of all, to have an Indian male MC, something I rarely see in romance, and a more feminist character than I expected. There was more diversity than I usually see in the super white world of chick-lit, and I really appreciated that.

But the over-the-top behavior and outlandish story was still present, and lots and lots of crazy drama, both of which I found mildly entertaining but also a lot tiring to read. It was funny and easy reading, but it wasn't precisely my tastes.

I would still absolutely recommend this book to chick-lit readers because it was a well-done, entertaining read. However, I don't think I'll remember any details in a few more weeks.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

Catch ya later!

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