Sunday, August 28, 2016

Book Review: (In)visible By Anyta Sunday


Rune: Invisible
Scott: The only one who sees him . . .

A lonely boy falls in love with his closest and invisible friend.
A story about two boys struggling to be seen in each their own ways - and about friendship and love.

Todd's rating:

Okay, I'm still on a bit of an Anyta Sunday kick, grabbing an older book or two of hers now and again lately. While not quite on the same level as Sunday's "rock," this one was very enjoyable, with tons of feels.

I loved Rune right from the start, although his story was completely heartbreaking, being lonely and feeling isolated due to his invisibility, to the point of seriously contemplating suicide on at least a couple of different occasions.

Heartbreaking as well was Scott's young, innocent life, which gets much better upon meeting the slightly older Rune, only to get much worse when tragedy strikes his dad, which in turn inadvertently leads to a 4 year separation between the boys.

God, the scene where the grieving Scott finds the picnic basket and the rotting fruit. So, so sad and pretty much the last straw for his already-tenuous grip on his innocence. He's never quite the same after that.

Although this story does require some suspension of reality, that didn't present much of a challenge for me, as Sunday's writing always pulls me in and makes me want to believe.

I was a huge fan of the dual POV, seeing Scott's hurt and apprehension to trust Rune again, then seeing how deeply Rune cares for Scott, never wishing to hurt him, under any circumstances. It was all so touching and I loved those elements.

I really enjoyed the slow burn, too, when the boys were reunited at 18 and 20 (?), instead of immediately giving in to the mutual attraction that's always been between them.

However, my very favorite part of the story was the fact that not only was Scott the only person who could see Rune (literally,) Rune in turn was the only person who could truly see Scott. The only one who ever really tried, even, which meant everything to Scott.

Also, there's an invisible puppy, so what's not to love about that??? ;- )

My only niggle would be that by the last page, we still don't receive any type of concrete explanation as to precisely why Rune is invisible.
Is it a curse (on Rune's locket, maybe?)

Was his mother invisible, too? (There's a hint or two there, but it didn't come off as 'fact' to me.)
But have no fear, the guys do get their well-earned HEA, plus we see in a year later epilogue that they are still going strong, as they forge a life together, however unconventional their circumstances might seem to the naked eye. (Lame invisibility humor, my bad.)

Overall, I'd give this one 4.5 stars for yet another great Anyta Sunday offering.

** Note: This one is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers or only $0.99 to buy on Amazon, so a highly recommended bargain.

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