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Book Review: Getting Him Back (Ethan & Wyatt #1) by K.A. Mitchell

Getting Him Back (Ethan & Wyatt, #1)
 An unexpected fresh start leads to an unlikely-but-absolutely-perfect pairing in this male/male new-adult novel from bestselling gay romance author K.A. Mitchell.

Ethan may have followed his high school sweetheart to college only to get dumped his first day there, but he's not going to let that stop him from exploring all his new life has to offer. Sex-only hookups, his photography, new friends and a campus-wide game of zombies vs. humans all help keep his mind off his broken heart and move him toward building a new, better life without his ex.

And then there's Wyatt. Mysterious, grouchy—hot. And possibly not gay. But Ethan's not going to let that stand in the way of figuring out what makes Wyatt tick. New college goal? Get Wyatt into bed and into Ethan's life.

Step one: arrange a "tutoring" date. Step two: "accidentally" bump into Wyatt as often as possible. Step three: explore the sexy body under that ever-present hoodie. And when their friendship deepens into something neither of them expect, convince Wyatt he's not just a pity fling or a one-time hookup, but that Ethan is in it for the long haul.

Todd's rating:

I'm not gonna lie. There were several parts of this book that I should have truly hated and had me running for the hills, but, oddly enough, I didn't.
▶ Ethan begins the book by acting like a vapid high school girl, whose entire identity is wrapped up in dating the captain of the football team. His self-worth relies solely upon being with Blake. Belonging to Blake.

▶ A year before the book begins, Blake leaves for college, then cheats on Ethan, but is quickly forgiven, with Ethan blowing it off as "dick happens." Uhh, wait, whut???

▶ Although Blake breaks up with Ethan, "I don't love you that way any more," Blake is still more than willing to occasionally use Ethan as both an emotional and sexual crutch. Not cool. If it's over, he should have let Ethan go and found another cheerleading 'fanboy' to boost his ego.

▶ Ethan and Wyatt immediately have unprotected sex, although they barely know one another and Ethan hasn't gotten tested.

▶ Ethan and Wyatt's relationship was pretty insta-love'ish (though well done, so not a deal breaker here.)
Yet somehow, in spite of all of that, I found this book both charming and highly entertaining.
▶ Ethan showed a lot of character growth. Once he decided he didn't want Blake back, he stuck to his guns and didn't waffle. He grew a spine, stuck to his convictions and stopped being a human dish rag, which I loved.

▶ Although Ethan could be a bit of a drama queen, there are no drama llamas or unnecessary theatrics, so the plot felt believable.

▶ This was a fairly hot and steamy story, but the author didn't 'sex squirrel' the reader to death.

[** A sex squirrel is when the author can't be bothered to provide actual plot, so they distract the reader by burying them in sex. <-- Yes, I totally made that shit up, but whatever.] ;- )

▶ I got a bit swoony when Wyatt divulges that <spoiler removed>. Yes, that should have made me roll my eyes, but uncharacteristically didn't.

▶ The boys do get a pretty solid HFN, with no roving eyes and noticing other guys, which I enjoyed, although I'm greedy and want MOAR.
Overall, this one was a very entertaining and engaging read, which I couldn't put down, so it rates a very solid 4 stars for me. Definitely recommended.

This was my own copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.

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