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Blogtour: Taken Back by Cali MacKay & Jullie Farrell

A Steamy M/M Romance

Author Name: Cali MacKay & Julie Farrell
Book Name: Taken Back
Series: (Taken Series, #1)
Release Date: July 27, 2016
Publisher: Tipsy Goat Press
Cover Artist: Cali MacKay
Pages or Words: 48000 words
Categories: M/M Romance, Fiction


Sometimes you need to go back to your past, in order to move on to your future.

Jax Hunter has spent the last ten years trying to forget his first love Nathan Steele—and the brutal betrayal that derailed everything he’d worked so hard for. Jax has finally gotten his life back together, when Nathan returns to deliver another blow – his company is set to bulldoze the bar he’s built from nothing.

Ever since that summer in high school, Nathan has been denying his feelings for Jax—the only person he’s ever loved. Nathan knows Jax might never forgive him, but when Nathan’s uncle is murdered and Nathan might be next on the hit-list, Jax is the only one he can turn to.

Jax still doesn’t trust Nathan—not with his bar, and for damn sure, not with his heart. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to resist the undeniable passion between them. Can they overcome their past hurts and learn to trust each other again? Or will another betrayal tear them apart forever?



Exclusive content:

This is an additional scene, written especially for this guest post and not found in the book. Though Taken Back deals with Nathan and Jax as adults, they first met in high school, and this is a scene from that time period.  
It’d been a month since I last saw Jax, having been forced to go on vacation with my family—and that meant I’d had far too much time alone to replay in my head that night by the lake.
I was so looking forward to seeing him as I made my way through the college building, and my pace quickened as I got closer to our dorm room, knowing Jax would be there waiting for me. I’d never been this nervous before, but I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t like I’d ever had a sexual encounter with a guy before, especially not one of my best friends. And then to have a month where we didn’t get to talk to each other only made matters worse.
And yet, the moment I walked into our room and spotted him with his shirt off, grabbing a drink out of the mini-fridge, I kicked the door closed and immediately crossed to his side, cupping his face and kissing him. His tongue danced with mine, and by the time we managed to break our kiss, our breathing was heavy and our heads bent to each other. “I fucking missed you.”
“I’ve been thinking about you too, Nate. Jerking off to the thought of you.”
I couldn’t hide how excited I was – my erection stood proudly against the material of my pants, desperate for him to take it in his mouth. He noticed it too, and sunk to his knees, sending a rush of lust through my body, knowing what was coming.

He gazed up at me, delivering a cocky smile, then he undid my pants and tugged out my hard cock, leaning forward to lick up the pre-cum, which he smeared on his lips.
“You been thinking about his, Nate? Me on my knees, sucking you off?”
My breath caught in my throat. If anyone walked in right now, we were in deep trouble. But suddenly I didn’t care.  
“Fuck, yes… I want this, Jax.” I instinctively thrust my hips, delving my cock into his mouth as he teased the tip with his tongue, making me gasp with arousal. I reached down and grabbed a handful of his thick hair, guiding his head in the perfect rhythm as he took me completely. My lust rushed up like a freight train, but I suppressed the desire to come too soon. I wanted to draw this out, knowing this affair between us couldn’t last long, no matter how much I wanted it to.
From his knees on the floor, he glanced up and our gaze connected, causing passion to ripple over my body as he continued to suck and grunt, increasing the pace and taking me harder and faster. He reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me deep into him so my cock skimmed the back of his throat, and that was it, I couldn’t hold back the orgasm any longer.
My fist gripped his hair as I came deep in his mouth, releasing the tension I’d built up over the last few weeks when I’d done nothing but fantasize about this moment. And it’d been even better than in my imagination.
Jax withdrew my cock from his mouth and sat back on his heels, looking up at me. “Welcome home.”
“Fuck, Jax, that was some greeting.”
We shared a smile and he clambered to his feet. “So what happens now?”
“I can give you a blowjob if you want?”
He laughed and hugged me. “Actually, I meant what happens between us. But, yeah, a blowjob while we’re thinking about what the hell we’re going to do next would definitely be welcome…”

 A Divine Exclusive Excerpt from Book 2


It was almost as if the air in the bar shifted around me.  Despite it being a packed Friday night, I immediately spotted him and my heart dropped, years of anger and betrayal surging through my soul.  “Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck are you doing here?” 

 I growled out the words, grabbing the baseball bat from behind the bar. I needed him gone.  Needed him out of my life once and for all.  Riding on a wave of fury, I stalked towards the guy who’d shattered my heart and abandoned me.  I shoved Seth, my hands connecting hard with his muscular chest.  “You fucking asshole.  Get the fuck out of my bar.” 

 “Carter… just hear me out.”  Seth did nothing to defend himself, an exhausted look of apology on his face, his soulful brown eyes pleading with me to listen.  “Please… can we talk?  This is important.” 

 “I don’t fucking care.  You lost the right to my help when you chose your lies over me.”  Emotions I had longed buried assaulted me, ripping open wounds that had never fully healed, even if I’d somehow mustered the strength to keep moving forward with my life, though he’d always haunted my thoughts, making it impossible to truly move on. 

Before Seth could argue with me, Jackson was at my side, stepping between us and taking up my fight, though I was happy to deal with himself.  “Sorry, but you need to take your ass out of here, before this gets ugly.” 

“Honestly, I didn’t come here looking for trouble.  I just need to talk to Carter—and it can’t wait.”  Seth sounded rattled and desperate enough to have me wondering what the hell was going on, since he’d never been anything but cool and calm, unwilling to waiver from his rockstar image—not that I cared. 

 I put a hand on Jackson’s arm to let him know I was okay, and had this under control.  If anyone was going to throw Seth out, it’d be me.  “I’ve got this.  He’s leaving The Goat—either under his own steam, or with my help.

” Jackson stepped aside, though he didn’t go far, nor did he take his eyes off Seth as I stepped forward and grabbed him by his worn leather jacket, and hauled towards the door, the patrons of The Goat all clearing the way. I ignored his pleas as I dragged him outside into the cold night and rid myself of him with a hard shove. 

He spun to face me, still looking devastatingly handsome with his tousled dark hair, deep brown eyes, and new tats peeking from his T-shirt onto his neck.  “Someone knows, Carter.  Please… I’m not asking for a lot.  I just need to talk to you.” 

“Yeah, well, I’m fucking busy working for a living.”  And just like that, I turned around and walked back into The Goat, leaving him on the sidewalk as he called my name. 

Not that he was going anywhere. 

At the end of the night, I found him leaning against my car, his long legs stretched out in front of him.  I waved off Jackson and Nate, knowing they wouldn’t be happy that Seth was still lingering, and though they got in their car, they didn’t leave. 

I shook my head and unlocked my car, pulling the door open.  “You’re like a bad fucking penny, Seth.” 

“For fuck’s sake… I just want to talk to you.”  His London accent had yet to fade, despite his years of living in the States—and fuck, but it still made my cock go hard, even he was a bastard.  “Just let me buy you a midnight breakfast.  There’s got to be some twenty-four-hour place around here.

” I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but if it was related to his secret, then I’d be a real asshole if I walked away without at least hearing him out.  “Get in the fucking car then.  Pain in the ass.

” His expression relaxed with relief, as he climbed into my car, and I gave the boys a wave to let them know it was okay, so they wouldn’t be waiting around and worrying.  I drove us out of town, towards the only diner still open this late at night.  Tension hung in the air between us, our past issues too big to ignore, despite the years apart. 

“I’m sorry, you know… I never meant to hurt you.”  The sincerity in his voice caught me off guard, though it did little to temper my hurt and anger with him. 

“Well that’s just fucking brilliant then.  I guess that makes it all better.”  I forced myself to focus on the road, my hands tight on the steering wheel as I gripped it to keep from throttling him.  “Because you’re clearly here to apologize, rather than because you need something.  Fucking manipulative bastard.” 

“It’s not as if you’d accept my apology anyway, if I’d come here out of the blue—and you sure as shit don’t want to see me, so why would I have come here to stir things up other than because I need your help and my life is on the line.”  He let an exasperated sigh and ran a rough hand through his hair, the action at once so familiar. 

Ignoring him, I pulled into the parking lot and walked towards the diner, leaving him to follow, without so much as a glance in his direction.  Because he might be in trouble, but he was still an asshole. 

Of course, I should have known better than to go anywhere in public with him.  We’d barely been shown to our table when heads began to turn in our direction, and a rumble of whispers started.  I groaned, hating this, knowing exactly how it would play out, his adoring fans swarming him for autographs and pictures. 

 And I was in no fucking mood

As Seth’s fans found the courage to approach him, I bit back my frustration, and waited it out, grateful that it was two in the morning and most his fans were in bed.  And being the constant performer that he was, his mood shifted to a carefree smile that lit up his eyes with a sultry soulfulness that even I had a hard time ignoring, which was exactly why Seth Black was so fucking dangerous to be around. 

To his credit, he did his best to wrap things up quickly, before turning back to me.  

“Sorry about that.  You know what it’s like.” 

“Yeah… all too well, which is why you’re no longer in my life.”  That wasn’t exactly the truth since we’d broken up for completely different reasons, but at the moment, I didn’t give a shit about the details.  “What the fuck do you want, Seth?  Because my patience with you was razor thin to begin with.” 

His mood was now dead serious, and the genuine fear in his eyes was a rare thing, which only spoke to how dire things were for him. “Did you tell anyone?” 

My rage returned at the implied accusation.  “You’re a fucking asshole.  How could you think I’d do something like that?  I’m not the one who betrays people in this relationship—that honor is all yours.

” He pulled out a letter and slid it across the table at me.  “Well, someone found out, and you’re the only other person who knows the truth.

” I opened the letter to a mostly blank page, with just a single line typed across it. 

 I know what you did at Clearwater Lake. 

I could see why Seth was so freaked out now.  “Is that it?  They didn’t send anything else?

” Seth leaned forward across the table, keeping his voice to a whisper as I folded the paper back up again.  “No… nothing.  I don’t even know what they fucking want with me.  I don’t know who they are… what they know... They’ve asked for no money, and the cops haven’t arrested me.” 

“And you don’t have any clue as to who’s behind this?”  Because by the looks of it, Seth was screwed. 

“No… no clue at all.  And that’s why I need your help.  I’m begging you, if you ever felt anything for me, you won’t let me deal with this on my own.” 

And yet, that was exactly what I was going to do.



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Meet Cali MacKay & Julie Farrell

Cali MacKay and Julie Farrell are romance writers and long-time friends, who have combined their passion for M/M romance to write together, bringing you the steamy stories they've dreamed up. they've had a blast writing them, and hope their passion for the stories will come through in their writing, and you'll enjoy the characters they've brought to life, just as much as they do.

Where to find the authors:


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