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Spotlight: Northstar Trilogy by Posy Roberts

Falling in love again is easy. Fitting into each other’s complicated lives isn’t.

North Star for WP FI

About the book:

Hugo and Kevin were best friends and secret lovers in high school, but a chance meeting years later proves that the spark that drew them together before is still there.  
In Spark, Hugo and Kevin must try to put together a relationship while overcoming the obstacles of coming out, divorce, and children. 
In Fusion, an unexpected illness may tear apart all they’ve been building.

And in Flare, though they’ve finally settled together happily, outside forces are working hard to upset their family.

When Kevin and Hugo meet each other by chance while on a weekend trip to the lake, they are both gifted with a second chance with "the one who got away." They met as teens, fished together in rivers and streams, hiked in the hardwood forest, and fell in love with their feet in the water. As adults, the passion is still there, but starting something new doesn't come without complications.

North Star is set in Minnesota, where water is pretty much everywhere. It's a huge part of Kevin and Hugo's lives, and Hugo's best friend, Summer, seems to think it cures all.

I've found three excerpts, one from each book in the trilogy, to show you some tender moments in or near water.  

Here's a small portion of that scene from Spark. Kevin and Hugo have just shared an intimate moment in the lake that is a watershed moment for Kevin.

They drifted, moving past the end of the dock until they were waist-deep in water, feet planted on the silty bottom of the lake. Kevin drew Hugo’s legs around his waist and held him close, loving the feel of warm skin under his palms, loving the kisses they both refused to pull away from, loving the feel of Hugo’s firm chest against his own.

It had been so long. So long since Kevin had felt such freedom, such intimacy. He felt put back together, somehow. It made no sense. How could something like this—coming together with a man in a lake under the moonlight—make him suddenly feel whole again? He’d been broken for so long, wings clipped, fire burned out. Yet there he was, floating with a man he had loved, with a man he never stopped loving for one second.

Kevin bit back his thoughts before they bubbled up and out of his mouth to scare Hugo away. He wanted so badly to tell Hugo how he felt, but knew better than to share. It was too fast. Far too much. So he settled on pulling Hugo’s bottom lip into his mouth and sucking on it as Hugo’s breaths puffed across his face.

With little warning, Hugo pushed away from Kevin and lay back, arms spread, dark hair fanning out in the water. Floating—floating like in a dream. The moon shone down, seeming to light up Hugo’s skin from the inside.

Hugo floated, using Kevin’s hips as his anchor, and it was awe-inspiring: closed eyes, a kiss-worn mouth, relaxed muscles that seemed to be all fucked out.

Kevin watched as water touched and retreated from Hugo’s skin, all the while trying to maintain relaxed breaths so Hugo wouldn’t hear how affected Kevin was by the sight. But that was a silly thought; Hugo’s ears were under water. Yet Kevin worried.

“Hugo,” he whispered, waiting long enough to realize there was no reception of his words. Kevin continued to help support Hugo with his hands spread along his lower back, but he looked up into the sky which was barely interrupted by light pollution like he was so used to in Edina, and he saw light from dazzling stars.

Is this moment real?

He looked back down at Hugo and splayed fingers and a palm across Hugo’s chest, feeling the subtle beat of his heart.

“I love you,” he found the courage to say to the oblivious Hugo, who had his eyes closed off from the world. “And I never stopped.”


From Fusion, this is an abridged scene where Hugo is uncertain about his relationship with Kevin. Summer takes him to the Stone Arch Bridge, which is the image on the cover of Fusion, and tries to get him to think more clearly about what he wants from his relationship with Kevin.

“Tell me where you see yourself and Kevin in three years,” she said.

Hugo didn’t open his eyes but could picture Kevin walking around in nothing but a pair of flannel pajama pants, carrying two cups of coffee, his beautiful bare feet pressed into a wooden floor.

“With me, but I don’t know where,” he answered without giving any care to the pedestrians passing behind them.

“And where are the kids?”

“Upstairs. Brooke has music playing too loud, and Finn’s yelling at her to turn it down so he can watch his movie,” he said without pause, and a smile spread across his mouth as he realized this.

Summer touched the back of his neck and squeezed. “You really like those kids, don’t you, Hugo?”

He quickly nodded and tried to choke back the tears that wanted to come too readily to the surface. He looked at her and admitted, “I do. I really do, Summer. I can’t even imagine my life without Kevin or them. They’re part of that whole package.” A lump filled his throat, and he noisily swallowed it down. “I never once thought I’d be a dad unless you and I had a baby, but I almost feel like a dad to these kids. I love ’em.”

Summer pulled Hugo close to her, and he buried his face into her fresh-smelling hair.

“It doesn’t make any sense. I haven’t known them long enough to feel this way.”

“I’ve had some of my kindergartners work their way into my heart in a matter of hours, and I’ve never once helped put them to bed, helped them get ready for school, cooked for them, or folded their underwear. All I do is teach them how to read and write. And you’ve done all those other things for Brooke and Finn. And more.”

“Yeah. I have,” Hugo said. “They’re both so much like their dad, but in different ways. And I’ve loved him for years, even when he wasn’t in my life.” He turned back toward the falls and looked at the water churning.

“I’m sure loving him made it all the more likely that you’d fall in love with the little Magnus kids.” [...] “So, three years. Kevin’s drinking coffee, the kids are fighting upstairs. That tells me you guys are living together. Is that what you want? Is he worth giving up some of that uncloseted freedom you’re so used to?”

Hugo gave a solemn nod. “He is. I want to build a life with him. I’d love to be his husband, and I think I want to be a stepdad to those kids, if that’s possible.”  


In Flare, Kevin and Hugo are now open with the world about their relationship, including Kevin's kids, Brooke and Finn. But life has not been easy on this newly formed family. The scene below is where Hugo comes home from a cross-country work trip and then drives half the night to get to the lake, just so he can slip into bed with Kevin. I like this scene because it shows how much they comfort one another.

By the time he pulled into the driveway behind the lake house, it was two fifteen and the only sound he could hear was the steady thrum of the waves washing up on the beach. Hugo closed his eyes to the sound and stood in the still-muggy air, smelling that familiar scent of the lake.

He pulled his suitcase and laptop bag from the car and dug through his pockets to find his keys, thankful for the outdoor light that was turned on above the door. Leaving all his belongings in the mudroom, Hugo quietly brushed his teeth with a spare Princess Ariel toothbrush in the bathroom downstairs, so he wouldn’t disturb anyone’s sleep, before heading up to their bedroom. He stripped down to nothing, wanting to feel Kevin on every exposed inch of his skin.

Kevin slept peacefully, facing Hugo’s spot, a hand on Hugo’s pillow as if he’d been wishing Hugo was there when he fell asleep. Hugo slid in, “taking care not to jostle the bed and wake Kevin. A strand of hair had fallen toward the outer corner of Kevin’s eye, so he pushed it aside. A soft moan came from Kevin’s parted lips, and then his eyes lazily opened.

“Hey,” Hugo said with a smile, leaning in to tease his lips against Kevin’s. “I’m home.”

Kevin pulled him closer, wrapping him in his arms. “I’m so glad you’re here.” He nuzzled against Hugo’s neck, taking in deep breaths of Hugo and smiling against his skin.

“Smell the same?” he asked.

“Better than I remembered,” Kevin said, and released a heavily contented sigh, refusing to let him go. “Sleep. You’ve got to be exhausted.”

“I am,” Hugo agreed. “But take off your underwear.”

Kevin pulled away to strip, and as soon as he was naked, Hugo found that perfect sleeping spot he loved so much on Kevin’s chest. He tangled their legs together and slowly brushed the bottom of his foot along the top of Kevin’s, closing his eyes in satisfaction at the feel of familiar skin.


In high school, Hugo and Kevin discover they are perfect for each other. Sadly they fell in love years too early to make a solid commitment, and college and other relationships got in the way. Fifteen years later they meet again, and all those old feelings are rekindled. Second chances at such perfect love don’t happen every day. Hugo and Kevin immediately know they’re meant to be, but figuring out a way to combine their divergent lives without rocking their well-established boats is the challenge. If that’s even possible. Perhaps their love is worth upending the worlds they know.

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Dreamspinner Press Link: http://tinyurl.com/NSbundle
Amazon Universal Link: myBook.to/NorthStar
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IQTRJQO
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Meet the author:

image009Posy Roberts writes about the realistic struggles of men looking for love. Whether her characters are family men, drag queens, or lonely men searching for connections, they all find a home in her stories.

Posy is a Jill of all trades and master of the drill and paintbrush. She’s married to a partner who makes sure she doesn’t forget to eat or sleep during her writing frenzies. Her daughter, a budding author and cinematographer, helps her come up with character names. For fun, Posy enjoys crafting, geocaching, and singing spontaneously about the mundane, just to make regular life more interesting.  

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Promotional post. Materials provided by the author.


  1. I loved the excerpts and relation to water.

    1. I'm always going to a hippie at heart, playing with nature symbolism. ;)

    2. I'm always going to a hippie at heart, playing with nature symbolism. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for hosting me and helping me celebrate North Star. It was fun finding excerpts that were linked some way. <3


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