Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ARC Review: When Fate Falls Short by Brooke Edwards

When Fate Falls Short
Childhood sweethearts Nathan Maxwell and Sean Adams took ten years to realize they belonged together, followed by ten years of bliss. When it is snatched away, Sean is left alone with the aftermath. Lost and grieving in a world that doesn’t make sense without Nathan by his side, he struggles to keep himself afloat… until he meets Jesse Lawrence.

The shadow of a congenital heart defect has hung over Jesse like a dark cloud all his life. Nathan’s death saves Jesse’s life by providing the heart Jesse needs to survive, and a chance encounter between their best friends plants Jesse in Sean’s orbit. But how well can a love triangle between a dead man, his grieving lover, and the one with his heart beating in his chest possibly turn out? Real feelings and pure intentions might not be enough.

Todd's rating:

Sweet Jesus, this one wrecked me, and not entirely in a good way. As the book says, this is "a love triangle between a dead man, the lover he left behind, and his heart in another man’s body."

I was truly hoping that the bitter in this bittersweet story would only be when Sean loses Nate, the love of his life (from age five through their mid-twenties), then the sweet would be that Jesse would not only get Nate's heart, but also, eventually get Sean's heart, too, as they create their own HEA.

That is not the case here.

This one has no HEA or even an HFN, which reminds me why I usually avoid books with 'bittersweet' in the blurb. I'm not a fan of reading a romance, if at least one of the MC's doesn't end up actually happy.

As for the good, Sean and Nate's story was nothing short of a timeless tale of love, friendship and devotion. Truly amazing.

If the author had taken that story and ran with it, minus the "bitter" parts, GOD, that sweet story would have easily been about a 10 star read for me, which I would love as a full-length book.

Instead, when Nate is laid to rest, he is in fact buried with a heart. It just happens to not be his own.

Overall, I'd rate this one at 3 stars, but only suggest it if you are okay with both MC's ending up single and pretty unhappy in the end.

My ARC copy of the story was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.


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